Rambus Expands Data Center Memory Chipset with DDR5 Server PMICs

DateMay 6, 2024

Global chip and silicon IP provider Rambus has unveiled its new family of DDR5 server Power Management ICs (PMICs), featuring a high-performance extreme current model tailored for advanced applications. With this latest offering, Rambus extends its suite of DDR5 Registered Dual In-line Memory Module (RDIMM) chipsets, encompassing all necessary components to address the increasing data demands of modern data centers.

The new DDR5 server PMICs, pivotal in supporting the memory architecture of next-gen servers, would enable greater memory capacity, more memory channels, and higher bandwidth.

This new lineup includes models adhering to JEDEC’s extreme current (PMIC5020), high current (PMIC5000), and low current (PMIC5010) standards. The flagship PMIC5020 is set to enable future generations of DDR5 RDIMMs to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and capacity, alongside complementary Rambus components like DDR5 RCD, SPD Hub, and Temperature Sensor ICs, forming a comprehensive chipset for varied DDR5 RDIMM use cases.

The COO of Rambus, Sean Fan, emphasized the significance of these new components in handling the advanced workloads of modern data centers, particularly in applications like generative AI that necessitate high-capacity and high-bandwidth memory modules. By incorporating these PMICs, Rambus offers a robust, foundational chipset that will cater to multiple generations of DDR5-based servers.

Next-Gen Data Center Memory

Soo-Kyoum Kim, Vice President of Memory Semiconductors at IDC, underscored the importance of PMICs in DDR5 memory technology, noting that these modules integrate advanced chips to optimize performance within power limitations. He further affirmed that Rambus, a trusted supplier in this space, is well-equipped to deliver these crucial components to manufacturers.

Leveraging over three decades of high-performance memory expertise, Rambus offers DDR5 RDIMM manufacturers a comprehensive solution with its DDR5 server PMICs and associated components. This would assure high levels of validation and accelerates time to market for customers building the next generation of data center memory.

The Rambus PMIC5020, PMIC5000, and PMIC5010 are now available to customers, promising to deliver cutting-edge advancements in data center memory performance and capacity.

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