Digital Realty and Oracle Partner to Accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption

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DateMay 6, 2024

Digital Realty, a global provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions, has announced a new partnership with technology giant Oracle. This collaboration is set to accelerate the deployment and utilization of AI technologies, addressing the growing challenges of Data Gravity and streamlining the time to market for new AI-driven services.

Under this partnership, Oracle will establish a critical GPU-based infrastructure within a dedicated facility at Digital Realty’s data center in Northern Virginia. This initiative taps into Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL, a tailored global data center solution designed to meet the diverse needs of various enterprises and AI applications. This deployment is particularly geared towards enhancing the infrastructure capabilities for those utilizing advanced GPU technologies from leading manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD.

The collaboration is not just about physical infrastructure; it also signifies a deeper integration of Oracle’s technological prowess with Digital Realty’s expansive global network. To date, this partnership has seen multiple global deployments, including the establishment of 11 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect points of presence, a robust global presence through ServiceFabric, and a recent strategic expansion with an Oracle Solution Center in Frankfurt.

One of the notable achievements of this collaboration came in the fourth quarter of the previous year, when Digital Realty implemented an OCI Dedicated Region for a major financial services client. This deployment underscored the potential of Oracle and Digital Realty’s joint efforts in catering to the complex hybrid cloud needs of large enterprises.

Hybrid and Private AI Adoption

Patrick Cyril, Oracle’s Global Vice President for Technical Sales & Customer Excellence, emphasized the transformative potential of this partnership. “We’re excited to be working with Digital Realty to bring innovative solutions to the market that empower our enterprise customers’ workloads and their ecosystems to harness the boundless possibilities of AI,” he said. Mr. Cyril highlighted the commitment to pioneering new technologies that address every challenge with innovation and maximize every opportunity.

Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty, echoed Cyril’s sentiments. “We’re delighted to build upon our relationship with Oracle and enable the next generation of hybrid and private AI adoption among enterprises,” said Mr. Sharp. He emphasized the goal of leveraging extensive cloud capabilities to unlock new data-driven business outcomes for enterprises’ private datasets through secure interconnection.

This partnership between Digital Realty and Oracle would mark a critical step towards enhancing AI capabilities across industries. By combining their resources and expertise, these industry leaders are set to revolutionize the AI landscape, empowering businesses to leverage their data to its fullest potential. The strategic focus on hybrid integrated solutions and the deployment of advanced GPU infrastructure would promise to alleviate some of the most pressing challenges faced by enterprises today, particularly in managing and processing large volumes of data efficiently.

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