Dell Debuts Expanded Multicloud Data Protection and AI Advancements

DateMay 6, 2024

Dell Technologies has announced significant expansions to its data protection portfolio, unveiling new appliances, software, and AI-based services to bolster cyber resilience as cyberattacks continue to rise. With its recent advancements, Dell aims to establish a robust defense framework, ensuring data security across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.

Recent findings from Dell’s 2024 Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) survey underscore the urgency for stronger cyber resilience. The report reveals that 75% of organizations feel unprepared to tackle ransomware threats, and nearly 70% lack confidence in their ability to recover effectively from a cyberattack.

Arthur Lewis, President of Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group, highlighted the challenges organizations face, especially given the rapid data growth fueled by generative AI (GenAI). This growth expands the digital landscape and opens new vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. Dell aims to address this by providing trusted data protection solutions and AI services to safeguard valuable enterprise data.

Enhanced Data Security and Performance

Dell Technologies has launched new PowerProtect Data Domain appliances, DD9410 and DD9910, designed for large-scale enterprises. These appliances would deliver:

Up to 38% faster backups and 44% faster restores, catering to both traditional and modern workloadsImproved cyber resilience, offering enhanced security for critical customer dataIncreased efficiency, consuming up to 11% less power and offering industry-leading deduplicationScalable storage, with up to 1.5 PB of usable capacity in a single appliance

Industry experts recognize the urgency of robust data protection systems. Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President at IDC, noted the critical role Dell’s solutions play in modernizing data protection, emphasizing the performance upgrades of the latest PowerProtect Data Domain appliances.

Rich Jackson, a data protection architect at the State of Michigan, attested to the appliances’ reliability in maintaining data security for over 15 years. Additionally, the PowerProtect Data Domain systems integrate seamlessly with other industry-leading data protection software vendors, fortifying customers’ cybersecurity defenses.

Artificial Intelligence Empowering Backup Services

Dell also  introduced its new Dell APEX Backup Services AI, an integrated GenAI assistant to streamline backup and recovery processes. With growing interest in leveraging AI for cybersecurity, Dell APEX Backup Services AI aims to:

Generate real-time reports, enabling users to refine and act on AI-powered suggestions for backup failuresAssist in troubleshooting backup issues through log analysis, enabling prompt error resolutionOffer recommendations and best practices tailored to each environmentSimplify administrative tasks, from creating backup policies to initiating workload-specific backups

Over half of the GDPI survey respondents believe GenAI provides a competitive edge in cybersecurity, highlighting the demand for AI-integrated solutions in data protection.

Storage Protection with Direct Backup

Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager now includes Storage Direct Protection for Dell PowerMax, facilitating fast and secure backup and recovery to PowerProtect Data Domain systems. This integration offers:

Swift backup and recovery, achieving up to 46TB/hr for backup and 21TB/hr for recoveryEfficient protection with the ability to restore data to original or alternate PowerMax systemsEnhanced data security with cyber vault integrationSimplified operations with centralized management and orchestrationMulticloud support through PowerProtect Data Domain replication and cloud tiering


The Dell PowerProtect Data Domain DD9410 and DD9910 systems, as well as the Dell APEX Backup Services AI, are now available globally. The Storage Direct Protection for Dell PowerMax will be available worldwide by Q3 2024.

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