CloudScale365 Partners with Stratus ip to Enhance Cybersecurity for Its Clients

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DateMay 2, 2024

CloudScale365, a provider of managed IT services from Nashville, Tennessee, has announced a strategic expansion of its partnership with Stratus ip, a specialist in IT security solutions. This expanded collaboration introduces the CIRRUS Cybersecurity Suite, designed by Stratus ip, to the global clientele of CloudScale365. The partnership aims to bolster cybersecurity measures for CloudScale365 clients, offering protection beyond traditional network, perimeter, and machine management.

“As businesses increasingly shift from on-premise servers to cloud-based solutions, they’re encountering sophisticated cyber threats and facing heightened compliance standards,” said Patrick Hannon, CEO of CloudScale365. “Our collaboration with Stratus ip allows our clients to navigate this landscape with enhanced cybersecurity services that go beyond the usual perimeter and endpoint protection.”

The CIRRUS suite would provide a comprehensive array of tools designed to detect and counteract cyber threats. This includes constant network monitoring, automated penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and phishing and dark web monitoring. The suite’s advanced features would offer crucial insights into potential vulnerabilities and suggest actionable remediation steps, aiding companies in meeting compliance standards while maintaining robust security.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

In 2023, data breaches cost companies an average of over $4 million globally, a significant increase of 15% over the past three years. Michael Dlug, CEO of Stratus ip, highlighted the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in mitigating these risks. “Consistent network testing, monitoring, and actionable reporting are crucial in identifying and addressing complex security challenges,” Mr. Dlug emphasized. “We’re thrilled to bring CIRRUS’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to CloudScale365 clients, ensuring their businesses remain secure and compliant.”

This partnership signifies a strategic move in the cybersecurity industry, showcasing the importance of collaboration between technology providers to address evolving cyber threats. By joining forces, CloudScale365 and Stratus ip aim to deliver a robust cybersecurity suite to help businesses navigate the complexities of today’s digital landscape.

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