Linux Foundation Launches Paraglider to Simplify Multi-Cloud Networking

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DateMay 2, 2024

The Linux Foundation has unveiled Paraglider, an open-source initiative aimed at simplifying cloud networking, a significant move poised to reshape how businesses manage networks within and across cloud providers. This ambitious project is backed by key industry players including Broadcom, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Aarna Networks, Uber, and UC Berkeley.

The complexities of cloud networking have long been a headache for IT teams, often requiring them to grapple with intricate networking components to establish the connectivity they need, according to The Linux Foundation.

Paraglider’s innovative approach would tackle this issue head-on, providing a high-level API that directly addresses the connectivity needs of cloud tenants. This API aims to shift the focus from the granular details of network configuration to the higher-level goals of network connectivity.

What would set Paraglider apart is its promise of a unified, user-friendly API that caters to networking requirements across multiple clouds. This means that businesses can now specify their network-level connectivity needs without delving into the complexities of network construction. The platform would automatically handle the creation of the necessary network infrastructure, allowing users to focus on what they need their networks to accomplish instead of getting bogged down in the technicalities.

Cross-Cloud Capabilities

Moreover, Paraglider’s cross-cloud capabilities would enable businesses to distribute workloads across various cloud service providers (CSPs) without the typical hassle of managing complex cloud interconnectivity. This ability to effortlessly navigate between different cloud environments would allow organizations to pick the most suitable provider for each aspect of their operations.

As the Paraglider community works toward delivering a production-ready cloud tenant networking solution, the Linux Foundation invites tech enthusiasts and professionals to join the initiative. By contributing to the project, participants can help extend Paraglider’s capabilities to other cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

More information about the project, including how to get involved, can be found on the project’s website as well as this GitHub repository.

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