CoreSite Partners with Oxide for On-Premises Cloud Solutions

DateApr 27, 2024

CoreSite, a provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions and a subsidiary of American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT), has partnered with Oxide Computer Company, a trailblazer in cloud computing technology. This collaboration centers on deploying Oxide’s pioneering Cloud Computer within CoreSite’s Silicon Valley SV2 data center to advance colocation solutions.

Oxide Computer Company has gained attention for creating its commercially available Cloud Computer, an appliance designed from the ground up to integrate hardware and software into a seamless cloud computing service. This technology provides networking, compute, and storage capabilities specifically engineered for hyperscale cloud computing directly within on-premises data centers.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CoreSite’s SV2 data center would boast a robust ecosystem with a blend of hundreds of cloud, network, and IT service providers. This colocation facility would offer Oxide the necessary network performance and flexibility crucial for managing modern data volumes and ensuring rapid deployment setups.

Bryan Cantrill, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Oxide Computer Company, highlighted the strategic benefits of their Cloud Computer, noting, “The Oxide Cloud Computer empowers developers to build, run, and operate any application with enhanced security, latency, and control. It helps IT teams accelerate strategic initiatives while enterprises experience the economic and operational benefits of cloud ownership for the first time.” Mr. Cantrill further emphasized the industry’s need for such innovative solutions and expressed pride in partnering with CoreSite to deliver this technology on-premises.

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“We strive to operate as an extension of our customers’ teams and provide the IT infrastructure and interconnectivity platform that enables companies like Oxide to succeed,” said Maile Kaiser, Chief Revenue Officer at CoreSite.One of the standout features of the Oxide Cloud Computer is its energy efficiency. It would operate with at least 35% greater efficiency compared to traditional servers that use separate AC power supplies for each server. This efficiency would not only reduce energy consumption but also minimize the physical space required for operations. Oxide’s system would simplify the setup process significantly – what traditionally took weeks or months can now be accomplished in hours, as the Cloud Computers are shipped fully equipped with all necessary software, eliminating the need for complex assembly.

Steve Tuck, Founder and CEO at Oxide Computer Company, shared his vision of the evolving computing landscape, stating, “The world will not strictly be a public cloud computing world, and customers should not have to sacrifice the advantages of cloud when choosing to own their compute.” He expressed enthusiasm for CoreSite’s infrastructural approach and its readiness for the burgeoning hybrid IT trend.

From CoreSite’s perspective, Maile Kaiser, Chief Revenue Officer, expressed excitement about the partnership, viewing it as a strategic alignment with an innovative company like Oxide, which is at the forefront of tackling the challenges of digital transformation. “We strive to operate as an extension of our customers’ teams and provide the IT infrastructure and interconnectivity platform that enables companies like Oxide to succeed,” Kaiser remarked.

Further bolstering Oxide’s capabilities, the company recently announced a $44 million Series A financing round in October 2023, led by Eclipse with contributions from Intel Capital, Riot Ventures, Counterpart Ventures, and Rally Ventures. This funding round brings Oxide’s total raised capital to $78 million, underscoring the market’s confidence in its innovative cloud computing solutions.

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