Vbrick Unveils Universal eCDN for Enhanced Enterprise Video Delivery

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DateApr 27, 2024

Vbrick, a global provider of enterprise video solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Vbrick Universal eCDN. This new solution would represent a significant advancement in enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) technology, offering the highest adaptability and integration capabilities for distributing live and on-demand video across private networks.

As businesses would increasingly rely on video as a vital communication tool, the challenge of delivering high-quality video content efficiently within corporate networks has become more urgent. Issues such as network congestion, bandwidth limitations, and stringent security requirements would be common hurdles, especially for large organizations needing to stream video content to extensive audiences worldwide.

The Vbrick Universal eCDN addresses these challenges by providing a versatile infrastructure designed to optimize network usage and reduce latency, ensuring seamless video delivery to potentially tens of thousands of employees or clients simultaneously. This system is uniquely engineered to support not only Vbrick’s own enterprise video platform but also other external video technologies, making it a flexible solution for varied corporate needs.

Multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies

Key features of the Vbrick Universal eCDN include the availability of multiple advanced delivery technologies such as peer-to-peer, edge caching, and multicast. This suite of options, all offered by a single provider, would allow for tailored deployments that can adapt to diverse network setups and performance requirements. Moreover, the system’s architecture would support extensive integration with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Webex Webinars, enhanced by an open software development kit (SDK) for custom integrations with other video platforms and tools.

Another significant advantage of the Vbrick Universal eCDN would be its cloud management capability, which would simplify the deployment process and reduces the administrative overhead associated with maintaining servers and databases. Additionally, the solution features detailed event-level reporting, providing organizations with real-time insights into system performance and viewer engagement.

Security is also a cornerstone of the Vbrick Universal eCDN, which would stand out as the only FedRAMP-certified eCDN currently on the market, according to Vbrick itself. This certification underscores its compliance with high federal security standards, featuring robust encryption and access controls to protect video content both during transmission and while stored.

Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Vbrick, emphasized the innovation behind the new offering, stating, “With Vbrick Universal, we set out to build a best-of-breed eCDN platform, and we’ve done just that. Our flexible architecture and open design allow organizations to deploy the best-fit eCDN technology based on their unique and often dynamic network needs while integrating with virtually any video platform.”

The Vbrick Universal eCDN is now available globally both as a standalone option and integrated within Vbrick’s enterprise video platform, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to enhancing enterprise workflows through its video delivery technology.

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