MinIO Partners With Carahsoft to Bring Object Storage to Public Sector

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DateApr 26, 2024

In a move to enhance data infrastructure capabilities within the public sector, MinIO, a provider of software-defined object storage for multi-cloud environments, has partnered with government IT solutions provider Carahsoft. As part of the agreement, Carahsoft will act as MinIO’s Master Government Aggregator.

This collaboration positions Carahsoft to distribute MinIO’s advanced object storage solutions to entities within the Government, Defense, Intelligence, and Education sectors through its extensive network of reseller partners and through government procurement contracts such as NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V and Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2).

This partnership is set to enable public sector organizations to construct diverse, scalable data infrastructures ranging from vast modern data lakes to specialized data storage solutions tailored for autonomous edge operations. MinIO’s product would already be a preferred choice among global developers and architects, evidenced by over 1.5 billion Docker pulls, underscoring its widespread acceptance as a reliable object storage solution. Its use in various public sector institutions is bolstered by its high-performance metrics, offering GET/PUT speeds of 325 GB/s and 177 GB/s respectively on 32 nodes of commodity hardware, which facilitates a wide range of applications from artificial intelligence to long-term data archival.

Supporting Kubernetes Distributions

MinIO’s storage solutions are uniquely scalable, capable of expanding from gigabytes to exabytes, thereby accommodating the increasing data demands of AI and analytics within the public sector and intelligence communities.

Designed for seamless operation across various cloud environments, MinIO supports all Kubernetes distributions, including public and private cloud offerings as well as standard Kubernetes setups. This adaptability ensures that MinIO, together with Carahsoft, can deliver comprehensive data management solutions across multiple cloud models, from traditional on-premises data centers to specialized government cloud platforms.

Garima Kapoor, co-founder and co-CEO of MinIO, highlighted the alignment of public sector data challenges with those faced by MinIO’s enterprise customers. “Whether it’s transitioning from outdated HDFS architectures or developing new AI data lakes, public organizations seek performance, simplicity, and a cloud-based operational model,” said Garima Kapoor. “Our platform is crafted to address these essential requirements and cater to the unique demands of mission-focused programs. We are thrilled to join forces with Carahsoft and its resellers to equip the public sector with the necessary tools to tackle their distinct data challenges effectively.”

Natalie Gregory, Vice President of Open Source Solutions at Carahsoft, also commented on the partnership, noting, “MinIO’s innovative solutions offer the public sector a vast array of tools necessary to build dependable, secure data infrastructures at any scale. By collaborating with MinIO and our reseller network, we are dedicated to introducing these distinctive solutions to our public sector clients, enabling them to resolve their data infrastructure issues with greater ease and efficiency.”

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