Kristen Vosmaer

DateJun 10, 2024

For their rapidly expanding Data Center Work Dynamics division, JLL has appointed Kristen Vosmaer to the position of managing director. Vosmaer is accountable for the growth objectives of the data center, the development of positive partnerships, and the direction of high-performing teams who are committed to providing excellent experiences for customers in this capacity.

Mr. Matt Landek, Americas Managing Director for Data Centers at JLL, expressed his excitement over Kristen’s arrival in the company. “Over the past few years, the data center industry has been experiencing massive, unprecedented growth, and there is no sign that this growth will slow down. JLL has made it a priority to assist our clients in meeting this demand by ensuring that we recruit and retain top industry leaders such as Kristen, whose enthusiasm for developing innovative solutions and putting people first is evident in everything that he produces.”

Over the course of more than twenty years of experience, Vosmaer has worked in the data center business, gaining expertise and experience in the areas of operational excellence, organizational development and team building, customer success, technology and product road mapping, and partnership development. Since he was born in the Netherlands, he has worked in a variety of fields, including energy, construction, technology, and design, and he has also established and managed worldwide teams. Over the course of his career, he has led teams for more than 550 operators and technicians in thirteen different countries, providing support for more than 800 megawatts of data centers and managing service projects for more than two hundred different locations.

Kristen Vosmaer said that the problem that our data center customers are experiencing is to maintain the relevance and financial viability of their older facilities while also needing to adapt to shifting workloads that will bring in a new era of design and facility management approaches. “I am excited to play a part in shaping JLL’s future service offerings, leveraging our technology and scale to create and maintain a relevant and reliable platform for our customers,” said Vosmaer. “In addition to helping our continuous improvement journey for customers and colleagues, I am also excited to be a part of this.” 

At GLP, a major worldwide builder, owner, developer, and operator of logistics real estate, data centers, renewable energy, and associated technologies, Vosmaer served as Vice President of worldwide Operations. He is now joining JLL after having previously worked at GLP. The location of his headquarters is in Sonoma, California, and he reports to Landek.

When it comes to finding solutions across the whole of a data center’s life cycle, the Data Center Work Dynamics team at JLL collaborates with data center owners and occupiers. 252 locations throughout the world are managed by professionals who are experts in the management of operations and facilities, sustainability, compliance, incident and change management, as well as maintenance and reliability responsibilities. Facilities management teams all around the globe are able to continually monitor and support every part of critical environment and data center operations by using JLL’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), which is called Corrigo. This is accomplished while simultaneously maintain uptime and optimize the total cost of ownership. Furthermore underscoring JLL’s dedication to extending its skills and experience, JLL recently made the announcement that it has achieved a deal to buy SKAE Power Solutions.

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