Equinix Launches Heat Export Program to Reuse Data Center Heat

DateJun 10, 2024

Global provider of data center colocation and interconnection services, Equinix, has launched an innovative initiative called the Heat Export program to repurpose residual heat from its International Business Exchange (IBX) colocation data centers. This program is designed to transfer excess heat to nearby buildings and facilities, offering a sustainable energy solution during a time of rising energy costs and global supply constraints.

Equinix makes data center heat available to warm nearby buildings and swimming pools. Equinix’s Heat Export program has already seen multiple implementations across Europe and the Americas, including significant projects in France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and Canada. Notably, the company’s new IBX colocation center in Paris, PA10, is set to provide residual heat to the Plaine Saulnier urban development zone and the Olympic Aquatic Centre for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics.

In Toronto, the Equinix TR5 colocation data center exports heat to various local entities including residential buildings, a hotel, a university, and a shopping center, facilitated by a partnership with Markham District Energy.

Data Center Sustainability

The initiative is part of Equinix’s broader commitment to sustainability, embodied in its Future First strategy, which includes investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and community-focused projects like the Heat Export. Equinix aims to reduce emissions across its operations and supply chain by 2030, aligning with science-based targets and the EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Operator Pact to drive the data center industry toward climate neutrality by the same year.

Gary Aitkenhead, SVP of EMEA IBX Operations at Equinix, emphasized the importance of partnerships with local energy utilities, municipalities, and heat network operators to expand the reach and impact of the Heat Export program. By collaborating with these partners, Equinix hopes to enhance local communities’ sustainability and energy efficiency, leveraging its technological and operational expertise to foster a greener future.

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