Cloud Cost Optimization Firm CloudZero Joins Databricks Partner Program

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DateJun 6, 2024

CloudZero has announced its integration into the Databricks Partner Program, becoming the first and only validated cloud cost optimization platform in the program. This collaboration will allow organizations to visualize and optimize their Databricks expenditures. With CloudZero’s new in-platform Databricks cost adapter, customers can now integrate with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform quickly, without the need for additional infrastructure.

Bill Buckley, Senior Vice President of Engineering at CloudZero, emphasized the significance of this partnership for organizations aiming to maximize their Databricks ROI by tracking every expense and linking it to business value. The integration will not only facilitate cost savings but also foster internal accountability and profitability for Databricks users.

Databricks, a key player in cloud strategy for over 10,000 organizations, views CloudZero as a vital partner in helping clients become more data-driven and optimize cloud costs. Roger Murff, Vice President of Technology Partner Management at Databricks, noted the alignment in customer focus and innovation between the two companies.

Databricks and CloudZero Integration

The partnership would promise an improved installation experience and a new delivery model for CloudZero customers using Databricks billing. This enhancement aims to accelerate value realization and reduce the maintenance burden of integrating these platforms.

Matt Williams, Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at Immuta, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to demonstrate the ROI of their Databricks investment alongside other cloud expenditures, thereby supporting overall business health.

Databricks booth

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