Vertiv Unveils SmartCabinet ID for Edge Computing in Harsh Environments

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DateMay 17, 2024

In response to the rapid expansion of edge computing, which has pushed critical IT equipment and data outside the conventional data center into environments challenged by harsh conditions, Vertiv has launched a new solution tailored for these demanding locations. The global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions unveiled the Vertiv SmartCabinet ID, a pre-integrated IT rack designed specifically for edge applications across North America and EMEA.

The Vertiv SmartCabinet ID encapsulates power, cooling, environmental protection, and physical security within a single-rack enclosure. This innovative solution is engineered to withstand the rigors of non-traditional IT environments such as warehouses and factory floors, which are often subject to dirt, dust, and fluctuating temperatures.

Available in multiple rack sizes, including 24U and 42U, and cooling capacities of 3.5 kW and 7.0 kW, the SmartCabinet ID provides a compact yet robust infrastructure capable of supporting edge computing needs.

Featuring an IP54 rating for water resistance, the cabinet ensures safety against potential damage from indoor sprinkler systems. It comes equipped with integrated emergency fans that kick in to provide cooling in case of power failures or primary cooling module malfunctions, ensuring continuous protection and uptime for enclosed IT equipment.

The unit’s advanced features include a built-in touchscreen display that allows both local and remote monitoring and control of critical components. This interface supports customizable alarms and notifications, which can be tailored to warn operators of ambient conditions that deviate from specified norms. For enhanced security, optional electronic locks are available for both the front and rear doors, offering controlled access with capabilities to track and customize user permissions.

One of the pivotal design principles of the Vertiv SmartCabinet ID is space efficiency. The integration of its cooling solution and power management block – which supplies power to the cooling system, display, emergency fans, and sensors – consumes zero U-space within the rack. This design maximizes available space for servers and other IT hardware, making it an ideal choice for space-constrained edge locations.

Vertiv 360AI

Vertiv’s comprehensive service offerings for the SmartCabinet ID include installation, startup services, preventative maintenance contracts, and extended warranties, all designed to ensure reliable and hassle-free deployment in environments that pose unique challenges to IT infrastructure.

“The IT organizations managing these edge compute sites, found in industrial, logistic, and commercial settings, face significant challenges in maintaining service levels comparable to those of traditional data centers,” said Alex Pope, Vice President of Global Edge Systems at Vertiv. “The SmartCabinet ID is crafted to mitigate the physical security risks and environmental challenges prevalent at many edge sites, while delivering the necessary power and cooling capacities.”

In an innovative approach to customer engagement, Vertiv has introduced the Vertiv XR app, an augmented reality platform that allows users to virtually explore the SmartCabinet ID. Through this application, available on mobile and tablet devices, customers can visualize how the solution fits within their own operational environment and interact with its features and specifications from various angles.

This product launch aligns with Vertiv’s recent announcement of the Vertiv 360AI, a comprehensive portfolio aimed at High Performance Compute (HPC) and AI deployments. This new suite of solutions spans power and cooling systems, enclosures, lifecycle services, and digitized management tools, further cementing Vertiv’s commitment to supporting next-generation computing infrastructures.

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