Telstra International Establishes Network Hub in Guam to Enhance Connectivity

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DateMay 17, 2024

Telstra International, the global division of telecommunications and technology company Telstra, has announced its initiative to expand their network reach by setting up a new regional network hub in Guam. This development comes with the establishment of a dedicated network point-of-presence (PoP) at the carrier-neutral GNC iX data center in Piti, which is owned and operated by TeleGuam Holdings, also known as GTA.

The selection of Guam for this strategic expansion is informed by its emergent role as a pivotal digital hub in the Asia Pacific region. Situated at the nexus of significant submarine cable systems such as the Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the Australia-Japan Cable (AJC) – fully owned and operated by Telstra – the Taiwan-Philippines-US (TPU) cable, and direct connections to nine other cables, Guam is rapidly positioning itself as a crucial interconnect point between Asia, Australia, and the United States.

The introduction of Telstra’s network PoP is set to address the increasing demand for connectivity in the region. It is strategically planned to act as a key junction for upcoming cable systems, including the Echo cable and the Central Pacific Connect cable. These installations, which Telstra is developing in partnership with others, are designed to enhance network reliability and provide low latency connections across Asia and between Asia, Australia, and the U.S.

Telstra’s choice of GTA’s GNC iX data center is particularly notable for its strategic location, which provides secure and robust network connections essential for high-speed data transmission and connectivity services. This facility will enable Telstra to deliver a range of services, including wavelength services, Ethernet private lines, IP transit, data center colocation, and managed network connectivity solutions, not only across the Pacific but also to local enterprises, international government agencies, and other organizations.

Strategic Importance of Guam

Telstra’s collaboration with GTA – a U.S. and locally owned entity operating under U.S. jurisdiction – would reinforce its capability to offer additional network connectivity options. This partnership is particularly crucial for enterprises and governments engaged in cross-border activities and for the U.S. government, facilitated through Telstra’s network of U.S.-based carrier partners and system integrators.

“Guam is a vital link in the global digital chain, and this regional hub marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Roary Stasko, CEO of Telstra International. He emphasized the strategic importance of Guam, predicting further growth as additional cables make landfall in the coming years, including the Google and Telstra partnered Central Pacific connect cable.

Echoing this sentiment, Roland Certeza, President and CEO of GTA, remarked, “Telstra’s establishment of a dedicated point-of-presence in our GNC iX Data Center is a significant endorsement of Guam as a critical connectivity hub between Asia, Australia, and the United States.” He highlighted the move as a testament to GTA’s reliable and advanced infrastructure, which supports Telstra’s goal of expanding its service capabilities in a region of strategic importance.

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