Thintronics Secures $23M to Boost AI Data Center Insulator Tech

DateMay 1, 2024

California-based Thintronics, a rising player in electronic materials, has secured a significant boost to its vision with a $23 million Series A funding round led by Maverick Capital and Translink Capital. This funding aims to propel Thintronics’ innovative insulator platform into full commercialization, addressing critical electrical performance bottlenecks in AI data centers and other high-performance computing applications.

The company was built on the premise that traditional insulator development methods were holding back industry innovation. To address this, Thintronics has crafted high-performance materials that would outperform existing solutions in electrical and mechanical capabilities.

Thintronics CEO Stefan Pastine articulated the company’s mission, explaining that modern electronics fundamentally rely on interconnect insulators, which have not yet reached their full potential in terms of insulation capabilities. Furthermore, the supply chain remains fragmented across various electronic architectures. Mr. Pastine envisions optimizing insulator technology and creating a unified fabric across the board.

AI Server Optimization

Kenny Safar of Maverick Capital highlighted the increasing demand for high-performance computing (HPC) and the challenges associated with meeting these demands in AI data centers. He noted that data centers must achieve faster data transfer speeds and broader bandwidth while reducing power consumption and maintaining signal integrity. This challenge would necessitate a material redesign at all levels of the interconnect fabric. According to Mr. Safar, Thintronics‘ advancements in insulator film are foundational for AI servers looking to meet 224G standards and beyond. He also emphasized the importance of sourcing components domestically to support onshoring advanced packaging technologies and integrating supply chains vertically in the U.S.

Brendan Walsh from Translink Capital expressed excitement about Thintronics’ potential to address critical performance bottlenecks. Walsh underscored that the industry is approaching the end of Moore’s Law, which has driven semiconductor scaling for decades, making the adoption of multi-chip packaging and PCB-level solutions paramount. Mr. Walsh sees Thintronics’ holistic solutions as essential to boosting global supply chain performance.

Thintronics plans to meet the growing demand in the insulator market with technologies aimed at chipsets, switches, and datacenter integrators operating at 224G links and beyond. CTO Tristan El Bouayadi emphasized that the combination of superior electrical and thermo-mechanical performance in Thintronics’ products allows customers to explore new design possibilities and applications in areas like networking, AI acceleration, RF mmW communication, and radar. By synthesizing ultra-thin dielectric layers, Thintronics can optimize the design of consumer and infrastructure devices.

Stefan Pastine reiterated the value of the new partnerships with Maverick and Translink, emphasizing the depth of their connections in key markets and a broad network of partner companies in both the U.S. and Asia. He is confident that their expertise in semiconductor and high-speed digital markets will be crucial to Thintronics‘ success.

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