State University Enhances Learning Experiences with Pure Storage

DateMay 21, 2024

Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technologies and services, announced that New Mexico State University (NMSU), New Mexico’s land-grant institution and a comprehensive research university, is leveraging Pure Storage’s platform to drive exceptional learning and teaching experiences for its 25,000+ student, faculty, and staff member population.

Customer Challenge:

NMSU, a renowned academic institution serving as a NASA Space-Grant College and home to the first Honors College in New Mexico, serves a diverse student body across four campuses, a satellite learning center in Albuquerque, and 12 agricultural research and science centers. The University has quickly become a vital stepping stone to success for countless students.

To further its commitment to delivering seamless student services, NMSU recognized the need to modernize its IT environment due to lagging performance, siloed operations, and excessive administrative hours consumed by its complex legacy storage. By replacing its outdated spinning disk storage with Pure Storage’s cutting-edge, all-flash portfolio, NMSU can now shift its focus to ushering in a new era of efficiency and performance for its community.

Customer Impact:

Adopting Pure Storage’s comprehensive portfolio, NMSU gained a powerful, cost-effective, and secure enterprise storage platform that underpins exceptional services for every student, faculty, and staff member. Benefits experienced with Pure Storage include: 

Streamlined Storage Management with Non-Disruptive Upgrades: With a Pure Storage Evergreen//Forever subscription, NMSU can perform non-disruptive upgrades without buying new hardware each year, reducing annual costs by 66%. Tasks like virtual machine migration, once taking eight hours, now only require 15 minutes. Anticipating over 100 hours saved per storage upgrade, disruptive forklift processes are completely eliminated.

Improved Data Center Footprint: NMSU reduced its data center footprint 14-fold (from 42U to 3U) in one data center site and 12-fold (from 38U to 3U) in the other. In addition to reducing its costs and power consumption, these efficiency gains enable NMSU to easily relocate a secondary data center that is scheduled to be demolished.

High Performance, Reliable Storage Platform: Pure Storage’s platform powers NMSU’s virtual desktop infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient operations for learning labs and counseling services (particularly for remote learning amid Covid-19). Additionally, Pure Storage supports NMSU’s mission-critical ERP system, significantly reducing latency by 98% to three milliseconds with over 55,000 daily writes.

Enhanced Ransomware Protection: In response to the rising menace of ransomware targeting academic institutions, NMSU prioritized safeguarding sensitive data. To fortify security measures, NMSU implemented SafeMode Snapshots, ensuring enhanced protection and positioning the institution for swift recovery in the event of an attack.

Executive Insight:

“As a non-profit institution, Pure Storage’s ability to reduce our annual storage costs was the ultimate differentiator for the storage platforms we were evaluating. Combined with non-disruptive upgrades, secure, reliable infrastructure, and an improved data center footprint, we knew we found the right solution. At NMSU, we continue to innovate and drive better experiences for students each day, and we are better positioned to do so with the performance and peace of mind we get with Pure.” – Omar Valtierrez, Lead Systems Developer, NMSU.

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