STACK Announces Ambitious 220MW Data Center Campus in Texas

DateMay 4, 2024

Global developer and operator of data centers, STACK Infrastructure, has announced plans for a 220MW data center campus south of Dallas, Texas. The development spans over 100 acres in the Lancaster community and aims to meet the increasing demands of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.

The campus will consist of six data centers, each with a capacity of 36MW, covering 1.5 million square feet in total. Scheduled for delivery by mid-2026, the campus will have a dedicated substation for reliable power, supplied by ONCOR, and will feature flexible design elements such as adaptable cooling solutions to cater to evolving technological needs.

Welcoming the development, Lancaster Mayor Clyde Hairston highlighted the positive impact of STACK’s investment on the city’s economy, reinforcing Lancaster’s growing appeal for business and technology ventures. The campus’s strategic location in south Dallas, a rapidly expanding tech hub, underscores its significance in the region’s digital infrastructure landscape.

Ty Miller, STACK Americas’ Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the importance of scalability and certainty for their clients, highlighting the company’s dedication to delivering flexible infrastructure solutions. With a portfolio that boasts over 6GW of scale, STACK aims to meet market demands with its large-scale campuses.

Global Data Center Projects

STACK’s other global projects include a 48MW data center in Santa Clara, California, with immediate shell space availability and an on-site substation, and a 56MW campus in Toronto, which spans 19 acres and includes an 8MW data center with plans for a 48MW expansion. In Portland, a 200MW campus over 55 acres offers 24MW of available capacity. Another 48MW campus in the Dallas/Fort Worth area offers abundant power and connectivity, while in New Albany, Ohio, a 58MW data center campus provides immediate capacity and potential for further expansion.

Further afield, STACK is developing a 250MW data center campus in Central Phoenix with an on-site substation, and in Osaka, Japan, it has a 72MW capacity campus planned across three buildings. In Stockholm, Sweden, a 30MW campus is under development, with 18MW currently being built.

This ambitious expansion would showcase STACK Infrastructure’s commitment to delivering tailored, scalable solutions in line with the growing demands for digital infrastructure, reinforcing its position as a key player in the data center market globally.

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