Arelion Enhances South Florida’s Tech Connectivity with New Tampa PoP

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DateMay 4, 2024

Arelion has established a fully diverse Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Flexential‘s Tampa – North data center, significantly enhancing the connectivity landscape of South Florida’s burgeoning tech markets. The network PoP will enable Arelion to offer its full range of IP and optical transport services to both wholesale and enterprise customers, underlining its commitment to bolstering the region’s digital infrastructure.

This latest move would reflect Arelion’s continued investment in the Florida peninsula, furthering its support for customers delivering cloud, media, and AI/ML applications in Florida’s growing tech hubs.

Arelion’s network PoP, equipped with multi-terabit capacity and low-latency services, would greatly expand Flexential’s interconnection capabilities, enabling it to meet the evolving connectivity demands brought on by new AI/ML workloads. The Tampa – North data center, which covers 60,000 square feet, features 3MW of critical power and sustainable cooling, allowing Flexential to cater to the compute-intensive needs of Florida’s dynamic business sector. Its location in Florida’s high-tech corridor is strategic, offering secure connectivity, colocation, cloud, and data protection services.

Art Kazmierczak, Director of Strategic Sales and Network Development at Arelion, highlighted the importance of this collaboration. “Arelion’s new PoP at Flexential’s Tampa North site reinforces our investment in the Florida peninsula, helping us provide reliable connectivity at scale to enterprise and wholesale customers for continued technological innovation,” he said. He also noted that Flexential’s data center is ideally suited to meet customer needs for space, power, and capabilities to support business growth in Florida’s edge markets.

Expand Connectivity Throughout the Americas

Florida’s rapid tech growth has earned it the moniker ‘Silicon Coast,’ with a 30% increase in tech jobs in Tampa alone over the past five years. Neighboring St. Petersburg is also seeing significant tech investment, with a $20 million innovation center poised to create over 1,200 tech jobs in the area. Arelion’s latest PoP will further solidify its presence in the region, following its recent collaboration with Telxius to expand connectivity across North and Latin America via Boca Raton and Jacksonville.

Ryan Mallory, COO at Flexential, emphasized the importance of the partnership in supporting the evolving technology needs of enterprise businesses. “With our comprehensive suite of services and the expansive reach of our FlexAnywhere platform, combined with Arelion’s high-capacity global connectivity solutions, we’re positioned to support continued business growth across diverse industries in South Florida and beyond,” said Mr. Mallory.

The partnership between Arelion and Flexential would offer North American customers improved access to Arelion‘s globally ranked Internet backbone. The collaboration will offer a variety of connectivity services, including 400G Wavelengths, IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access, Cloud Connect, Global 40G Ethernet Virtual Circuit, and DDoS Mitigation services, meeting the diverse needs of service providers, content providers, and enterprises.

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