Solvo Introduces Cloud Detection & Response Tool to Combat Cyber Threats

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DateMay 5, 2024

Cloud security solutions provider Solvo, based in Sillicon Valley, has introduced its new Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product to tackle the growing complexity of cloud security threats. Solvo’s CDR is crafted to detect and respond to security incidents, providing organizations with an advanced tool to protect their critical assets confidently.

The cybersecurity landscape has evolved significantly, with Identity and Access Management (IAM) playing a pivotal role in safeguarding both human and non-human identities, according to Solvo.

Recent trends would reveal a worrying increase in identity-related security breaches, such as unauthorized access and sophisticated identity theft used for data theft and account takeovers. According to Gartner, ‘Through 2026, 40% of identity and access management (IAM) leaders will take over the primary responsibility for detecting and responding to IAM-related breaches.” This shift would underline the pressing need for organizations to adopt swift and effective measures to detect and respond to threats to mitigate risks and build trust with stakeholders.

Gartner also predicts that “by 2027, 70% of organizations will combine data loss prevention and insider risk management disciplines with IAM context to identify suspicious behavior more effectively.” This projection would highlight a move toward integrated controls for a more holistic security strategy.

Visibility Into Cloud Identity Risks

Solvo’s CDR would address these challenges comprehensively by integrating identity, data, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations insights to streamline risk understanding and impact analysis. The product excels at managing identities in cloud infrastructure, including ITDR capabilities. By intelligently correlating identity-related actions with contextual data, Solvo’s CDR would provide great visibility into cloud identity risks. Customized remediation features would further enhance its effectiveness, empowering organizations to handle security incidents in real-time. Advanced detection algorithms and automated response mechanisms would enable Solvo’s CDR to mitigate threats quickly, reducing business disruption and damage.

“With the increasing complexity and sophistication of cyber threats targeting cloud environments, organizations require advanced security solutions that can adapt and respond to evolving threats,” said Shira Shamban, CEO and co-founder of Solvo. “Our new Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product is designed to empower organizations with the capabilities needed to proactively detect and respond to security incidents in real-time, ensuring the protection of critical assets and data.”

Organizations looking to improve their cloud security posture and fend off new threats may now get Solvo’s Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product.

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