Kubernetes 101 Workshop: Comprehensive Hands-On Training

DateMay 5, 2024

In the video, Sam Patrick, a CNCF ambassador, leads a detailed workshop titled “Kubernetes 101,” brought to us by Civo. In this session, Sam dives deep into Kubernetes, the powerful open-source orchestration system that automates the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. He methodically explains its architecture, highlighting key components such as the API server, etcd, scheduler, kubelet, and more, while demonstrating their practical applications using the `kubectl` command-line tool.

Sam breaks down the essentials of Kubernetes objects, including pods, deployments, and services. He elaborates on the importance of YAML files in Kubernetes configuration and showcases their role in defining Kubernetes objects and their behaviors. The workshop also distinguishes between imperative and declarative commands, offering insights into the different approaches for managing Kubernetes resources. Additionally, Sam introduces namespaces, explaining how they help organize cluster resources, and details the significance of labels and selectors in efficiently managing Kubernetes objects.

Throughout the workshop, Sam engages with viewers, addressing their questions in real time. His hands-on approach, complete with live coding sessions, makes the workshop highly interactive. Sam’s use of clear explanations and analogies ensures that even beginners can grasp the concepts. He provides valuable context on how Kubernetes integrates into the broader cloud-native ecosystem, making this workshop a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand Kubernetes from the ground up.

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