Red Hat and AMD Forge Alliance to Boost AI Workload Capabilities

DateMay 12, 2024

Global provider of open source solutions, Red Hat, has announced a strategic collaboration with AMD to enhance customer options for building, deploying, and managing artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. This partnership focuses on integrating AMD’s graphics processing units (GPUs) with Red Hat OpenShift AI, aiming to boost the processing power and performance necessary for AI operations across various hybrid cloud environments.

By reducing the complexity involved in adopting AI, the partnership aims to empower businesses by providing necessary tools that are customized to fit their business requirements. This project aims to meet the increasing need for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) applications in several domains, including scientific research and content production, where hardware accelerators like GPUs are playing an increasingly important role.

GPUs are pivotal in both the training and inference stages of AI workloads, helping to drive innovation and expand AI capabilities. With the integration of AMD GPUs into Red Hat OpenShift AI, customers would gain easier access to powerful computational resources. This access is facilitated by a validated GPU Operator from AMD, enabling users to streamline AI workflows and effectively manage potential disruptions in GPU supply chains.

This collaboration is not just about enhancing hardware capability but also about making these technologies more accessible and easier to implement. Organizations can now deploy these advanced AI models more efficiently, speeding up the time to market for intelligent applications and potentially hastening the return on investment.

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Fueling Further AI Innovation

The partnership builds on the existing support of AMD EPYC CPUs within Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. It further extends to accommodate Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies on both current and future generations of AMD Instinct accelerators. This ongoing development is aimed at fueling further AI innovation and broadening the spectrum of GPU resources available to customers, ensuring a more flexible and scalable AI infrastructure.

Currently, the AMD GPU Operator is available in a development preview, allowing users to test and deploy it within Red Hat OpenShift clusters. This early access is part of the companies’ joint effort to refine the integration of hardware and software, ensuring that the AI solutions provided are robust, reliable, and ready for enterprise use.

With AMD’s hardware expertise and Red Hat’s vast experience with open source software and artificial intelligence, the alliance between the two companies is expected to become a powerful force in the computer industry. This partnership would demonstrate their mutual dedication to fostering innovation and providing solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of contemporary enterprises.

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