IBM Rolls Out New Microsoft 365 Copilot Features for AI Business Boost

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DateMay 12, 2024

IBM has launched IBM Copilot Runway, an initiative meant to change the enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) scene. IBM Consulting has started this project with the aim of revolutionizing how businesses employ generative AI to boost productivity and achieve success. Designed to help businesses create, modify, implement, and oversee AI copilots, IBM Copilot Runway can especially be useful for boosting Microsoft 365 features.

IBM’s new offering is geared on facilitating the smooth integration of AI copilots into corporate workflows. This is made easier by the fact that IBM Consulting has created a specific practice with consultants that are experts in Microsoft copilot technologies. Experts in AI transformation, they are responsible for assisting businesses on their travels and making sure that AI solutions are suitably customized to fit various business requirements and scenarios.

A core component of IBM’s strategy involves working closely with clients to build bespoke copilots. These AI systems are tailored to enhance various business functions, such as customer and field service, employee experience, and procurement and finance. Moreover, the initiative targets key industries including financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), government, and supply chain management.

Among the specialized tools being offered are the Procurement and Finance Contract Copilot, which aids specialists in extracting critical insights from complex contracts, and the Customer Service and Field Service Copilot, designed to provide agents and technicians with robust self-service options and efficient AI-driven search capabilities. Additionally, the Employee Experience Copilot is intended to elevate employee engagement by leveraging AI to create a more interactive and responsive workplace.

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IBM-Microsoft Experience Zones Globally

IBM’s collaboration with Microsoft has already yielded successful outcomes in various sectors. A notable example is their partnership with Virgin Money to develop Redi, a conversational virtual assistant in the Virgin Money credit card app. Redi employs Microsoft Copilots to enhance customer interactions, combining innovative technology with user-friendly features.

“Our customers really appreciate the enhanced interaction Redi offers in our app,” said Adam Paice, Head of Digital Proposition at Virgin Money. He noted the balance between innovation and control that the partnership with IBM facilitated, optimizing the use of Microsoft Copilot in their services.

Expanding its capabilities, IBM Consulting is scaling its Microsoft copilot expertise across its Global Innovation Centers worldwide. This includes the creation of IBM-Microsoft Experience Zones, such as the one in Bangalore, India. These zones serve as hubs where clients can collaborate directly with IBM experts to co-create AI-powered solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies. IBM plans to extend these zones to additional locations in Romania, the U.K., and the U.S. later this year.

The partnership between IBM and Microsoft also featured a client-focused hackathon, which attracted 800 participants who collaborated on developing solutions that leverage Microsoft Copilot. The winners of this event are expected to be announced soon.

John Granger, Senior Vice President of IBM Consulting, emphasized the strength of the IBM-Microsoft alliance. “As our partnership grows, we are better positioned to equip more clients with Microsoft Copilot, enhancing productivity and fostering creativity through generative AI.”

Dinis Couto, General Manager of Global Partner Solutions for Microsoft, also highlighted the importance of the collaboration. “With IBM’s dedicated team of Microsoft Copilot experts, we are poised to help more clients realize the transformative potential of generative AI in their operations.”

In addition to its ongoing development of AI solutions, IBM continues to strengthen its team and capabilities through strategic acquisitions such as Neudesic and Bluetab. These initiatives would highlight IBM’s dedication to being a leader in the AI area. IBM and Microsoft are teaming up to offer companies comprehensive, personalized AI solutions that might disrupt industry standards and boost operational efficiency.

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