Lumen Unveils AI-Powered Lumen Defender to Block Cyber Threats

DateMay 5, 2024

In response to the escalating wave of cyberattacks on business networks, Lumen Technologies has introduced a new AI/ML-driven threat defense tool, Lumen Defender powered by Black Lotus Labs. This patented product proactively counters emerging cyber threats at the network edge, safeguarding business networks before malicious actors can penetrate their defenses.

Lumen’s threat research division, Black Lotus Labs, leverages its strategic visibility into the company’s global Internet backbone to generate intelligence using advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms. This enables the detection of malicious infrastructure used by cybercriminals and nation-state actors.

“Cyber threats are on the rise and becoming much more sophisticated,” said Sharada Achanta, Lumen’s Vice President of Product, Cybersecurity, and AI. “Businesses need an extra level of protection to help detect these novel threats before they can be weaponized and used against them. That’s where Lumen Defender comes in. It uses the Lumen global network and our Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence to provide a first line of defense against cyberattacks.”

Black Lotus Labs’ extensive research capabilities would provide a robust backdrop for the Lumen Defender. The team analyzes 200 billion NetFlow sessions daily, leveraging Lumen’s global network to detect cyber threats days before others in the industry. Recently, Black Lotus Labs discovered a new form of malware targeting business routers, aptly named ‘Cuttlefish.’ This stealthy malware covertly resides in infected devices, monitoring traffic and awaiting the right moment to strike. Lumen Defender can automatically intercept these attacks, providing businesses with continuity by preventing infections before they occur.

The new tool is designed to identify devices compromised by criminals and nation-state actors, blocking all traffic between these suspicious IP addresses and customer networks without requiring additional hardware. Customers can view the blocked threats and manage the service via a user-friendly web portal. Lumen Defender integrates seamlessly with Lumen Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Lumen Internet On-Demand services.

Early Access, Available to Select Clients

Before making the product publicly available, Lumen is deploying it within its own infrastructure. “Before we begin offering Lumen Defender to the public, we are deploying it across our own digital infrastructure, and it’s a game-changer,” said Jason Lish, Lumen’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). ‘We are using this product to protect Lumen’s critical digital assets from internet-based threats. It leverages our unique network visibility and AI-driven threat intelligence to block malicious traffic before it can reach our network. If it can enhance Lumen’s cybersecurity strategy, it can boost the security posture of any business looking to strengthen their cyber-resilience.”

Craig Robinson, IDC’s Research Vice President of Security Services, highlighted the importance of this proactive approach to cybersecurity: “Security leaders are increasingly recognizing the value of stopping threats before they make their appearance known across their rapidly expanding infrastructure. An offering like Lumen Defender shifts the security posture of their customers into a shift-left proactive posture and helps to reduce the potential noise and damage of cyber-attacks that are seen today.”

Currently, Lumen Defender is in its early access phase and available to select customers. Businesses interested in participating in the early access program can contact their Lumen sales representative, and Lumen expects to release the product this summer.

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