John Madison Unveils Latest Updates to Fortinet 4OS 7.6 in New Video

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DateMay 27, 2024

In the video, John Madison, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortinet, introduces the latest updates to 4OS 7.6, Fortinet’s advanced real-time network security operating system. Madison emphasizes that 4OS simplifies management across various domains such as content, applications, users, devices, data, and locations, highlighting the system as the culmination of over two decades of innovation. The new enhancements aim to mitigate risks, reduce operational complexity, and address the cybersecurity skills gap.

Madison begins by providing an overview of 4OS 7.6, describing it as a powerful, comprehensive, and mature cybersecurity platform. He notes that 4OS has evolved over more than 20 years, solidifying its position as a robust solution for real-time network security. The launch of 4OS 7.6 brings hundreds of new features designed to enhance risk mitigation and simplify cybersecurity operations. 

He then details the four major enhancements introduced in 4OS 7.6. The first enhancement adds next-generation capabilities to Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) tools, improving analysis and decision-making processes. The second enhancement focuses on comprehensive data protections, ensuring sensitive information is secured across the network. The third enhancement integrates Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) functionality into the unified agent, making it the most comprehensive agent available by incorporating Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Endpoint Protection (EP) capabilities. This integration aims to reduce agent sprawl and simplify operations in complex environments. The fourth enhancement expands managed services to help organizations cope with the shortage of cybersecurity skills, allowing NOC and SOC teams to focus on critical responsibilities by offloading tasks to managed service providers.

Madison discusses the impact of these enhancements on addressing the cybersecurity skills gap and simplifying cybersecurity activities. He emphasizes Fortinet’s ongoing investment in 4OS as the foundation of its security fabric. Madison explains that 4OS has evolved from a firewall system to a comprehensive security solution, supporting a wide range of network and security applications.

The video further elaborates on the expanded features and applications of 4OS 7.6. These include unified threat management, a hybrid mesh firewall approach, and enhanced Internet of Things (IoT) security. Internal segmentation firewalls and low latency data center firewalls are also detailed, highlighting 4OS’s capabilities in various security scenarios.

Madison underscores the enhanced user experience provided by 4OS 7.6, including protections for the hybrid workforce and AI-driven security operations. He mentions the industry-leading SD-WAN capabilities of 4OS, which significantly enhance user experience by ensuring seamless and secure connectivity.

The four key enhancements in 4OS 7.6 include the integration of next-generation capabilities into NOC and SOC tools, improved comprehensive data protections, enhanced EDR functionality in the unified 4et agent, and additional managed services to address the cybersecurity skills shortage. Madison outlines the foundational role of 4OS as a firewall operating system and its evolution to support a wide range of network and security applications through a hybrid mesh firewall approach. This includes protecting IoT devices, operational technology (OT) networks, and ensuring the security of remote and cloud operations with unified security policies. The updates leverage AI-driven security operations and a single data lake to enhance overall security posture and operational efficiency.

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