JLL Acquires SKAE Power Solutions to Enhance Data Center Services

DateMay 19, 2024

JLL (NYSE: JLL) has reached a deal to acquire SKAE Power Solutions (SKAE), a major New York-based provider of data center technical and project management services. With the completion of this strategic acquisition, which is anticipated to take place soon assuming the fulfillment of customary closing conditions, JLL intends to improve its capacity to provide comprehensive solutions over the entirety of the data center lifecycle, therefore adding additional technical depth to its existing offering.

The Chief Executive Officer of Work Dynamics at JLL, Neil Murray, expressed his excitement about the acquisition by saying, “As we assist clients in navigating the evolving real estate landscape driven by increased data center demand, we are thrilled to welcome the SKAE team. Through the acquisition of this company, our capacity to provide specialized expertise for the management and maintenance of essential assets has been greatly strengthened. Because of our improved technical services, we will be able to better meet the data center demands of our customers both today and in the future.”

JLL’s recent Global Data Center Outlook illustrates how developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are redefining data center architecture, site selection, and investment strategies. The acquisition is in line with the conclusions of this report, which highlights how these shifts are occurring. According to the analysis, the amount of data that will be generated by consumers and businesses over the next five years will be twice as much as the total amount of data that was created in the previous decade. This would cause the storage capacity of data centers to increase from 10.1 zettabytes (ZB) in 2023 to an anticipated 21.0 ZB by 2027.

JLL’s capacity to assist clients in essential areas such as site selection, design, testing and commissioning, upgrades, and operations management would be enhanced by the knowledge of SKAE in the areas of planning, engineering, infrastructure installation, testing, facilities maintenance, and operations. Financial terms of the acquisition by JLL were not disclosed.

SKAE Staff Joins JLL Work Dynamics

SKAE has been providing specialized technical services for data centers across a wide range of businesses ever since it was established in 1998 by Peter Skae and John McPartland. These industries include the government, healthcare, education, and the financial sector. The seventy-five workers of SKAE will be joining JLL Work Dynamics, and Peter Skae will report to Matt Landek, who is the Americas Managing Director for Data Centers.

The acquisition will result in the establishment of JLL’s Technical Services division within its Data Center vertical, which will function as SKAE, a company owned and operated by JLL.

“SKAE will be instrumental in scaling JLL’s capacity to meet client needs and accelerating our capabilities in data center management,” said Sanjay Rishi, Americas CEO of Work Dynamics at JLL. Rishi underscored the strategic importance of the acquisition by saying, “SKAE will be instrumental in accelerating our capabilities in data center management.” Through the combination of SKAE’s regional experience and skill with JLL’s worldwide array of solutions, we will be able to significantly extend our capabilities in the field of technical services.

This feeling was shared by Peter Skae, Principal of SKAE, who brought attention to the fact that the two institutions share ideals that are parallel to one another. “We were immediately drawn to the ideals that JLL upholds, notably their culture that is driven by safety and their focus on people, procedures, and regulations. The prospect of joining JLL and contributing our experience in data center solutions to the company’s clientele is quite exciting to us.”

Layer 7 Capital, which offered its services as SKAE Power Solutions’ financial advisor, was the one who provided advice about the deal.

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