Internet Connectivity Expanded to Manchester by RETN

DateMay 19, 2024

RETN, a pan-European carrier connecting Europe and Asia, has unveiled its expansion into Manchester, UK, establishing a new milestone in enhancing Internet connectivity for a broad spectrum of digital and technological industries. This move comes after significant advancements in RETN’s network across Western, Northern, Central Europe, and Asia, as the company strives to solidify its footprint in key global markets.

The expansion involves establishing new network Points of Presence (PoPs) in two of Manchester’s leading data centers: Equinix and Datum (formerly Teledata). These strategic locations are crucial for RETN as they aim to interlink Manchester more closely with major international nodes such as London, Dublin, and major cities across the U.S. and mainland Europe via diverse routes including the Paris Crosslake subsea cable. This cable offers a low-latency link designed to enhance the speed and reliability of communications between Europe and North America.

Manchester was chosen for its dynamic economic landscape, which is home to flourishing sectors including cybersecurity, eCommerce, gaming, artificial intelligence, and FinTech. According to Chris Elliott, UK Commercial Director at RETN, “Manchester’s reputation as a major digital hub makes it an ideal location for RETN to expand. Our goal is to bolster connectivity and communication, supported by our commitment to transparency, agility, and responsiveness.”

870+ Network PoPs

The services introduced by RETN in Manchester include Layer 3 IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and Layer 2 VPN Ethernet Services. These offerings are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse client base that includes local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), managed service providers, content providers, alternative network providers (Altnets), and enterprises with regional offices.

RETN’s network boasts over 870 network Points of Presence across Europe and Asia, underscored by a robust infrastructure that utilizes a homogeneous DWDM and IP/MPLS Network Platform. This platform is pivotal for RETN’s unique capability to “seamlessly” connect Europe with Asia through comprehensive land routes that extend from Western Europe through Eastern Europe to the borders of China and further into Southeast Asia.

The expansion would not only enhance the connectivity options available to businesses in the North of England but also position Manchester as a key player in the global Internet connectivity arena. 

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