Green Mountain Interviewed at Data Centre World Frankfurt 2024: AI’s Impact

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DateMay 28, 2024

Green Mountain, a Norwegian data center organization, is renowned for designing, building, and operating secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation data centers. In this video interview last week at Data Centre World Frankfurt 2024, part of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Insights series, Andreas Herden, Senior Vice President for Germany and Continental Europe, delved into the transformative impact of AI on the IT landscape across Europe. Herden emphasized that despite the increasing energy demands driven by AI, Green Mountain remains committed to its core philosophy of sustainability.

Herden began by highlighting AI as a critical driver of change within the IT sector, noting a significant surge in requests for AI deployments not just in the Nordics but also across continental Europe. This trend underscores the global interest in leveraging European markets for AI hosting. He pointed out that the proliferation of AI applications necessitates substantial increases in power consumption, with deployments now reaching beyond 100 Megawatts, a stark contrast to the traditional 5 to 10 Megawatt range.

Green Mountain is well-positioned to meet these energy demands sustainably, thanks to Norway’s abundant green power resources. Over 90% of Norway’s energy comes from hydroelectric plants, with the remainder sourced from wind and solar power. This ensures that the data centers in Norway operate with 100% green energy. Herden noted that even in other parts of Europe, such as London and Frankfurt, Green Mountain is committed to securing sufficient green power to support its expansive data center operations.

The conversation also touched upon the diverse applications of AI across different industries. Herden explained that AI is not a monolithic entity; its implementation varies significantly depending on the sector. For instance, AI applications in the financial sector differ vastly from those in the automotive industry. This diversity in applications has led to a wide array of deployments, each with unique requirements and scale.

Herden stressed the importance of long-term partnerships with sustainably-minded organizations like Schneider Electric. These partnerships are crucial for maintaining Green Mountain’s high standards of operational excellence and sustainability. He proudly noted Green Mountain’s achievement of 100% uptime since its inception, attributing this success to their robust collaboration with Schneider Electric.

In summary, Green Mountain’s approach to AI and data center operations is deeply rooted in sustainability. The company is adeptly navigating the increased energy demands brought about by AI advancements while maintaining its commitment to green energy. This strategy not only supports the company’s growth but also ensures that it remains a leader in sustainable data center operations. The interview with Andreas Herden provides a compelling insight into how Green Mountain is shaping the future of data centers in Europe through innovation and sustainability.

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