Cologix Completes Fourth Data Center in Columbus, Ohio

DateMay 28, 2024

The construction of its fourth and most sophisticated data center in Columbus, Ohio, has been announced by Cologix, provider of hyperscale edge data centers and network-neutral interconnection in North America. This expansion would mark a critical step in Cologix’s continuous efforts to meet the growing need in the area for colocation and interconnection services.

“We made the strategic decision to establish our presence in Columbus as a growing technology hub more than ten years ago,” said Dawn Smith, President of Cologix. The timely completion of COL4 paves the path for seamless AI integration with cloud services and coincides with hyperscalers stepping up their attention on cloud regions. As Columbus’s first AI-ready colocation data center, it is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand. Our dedication lies in offering the Columbus market industry-best colocation and interconnection solutions.”

With four data centers that total 500,000 square feet and 80MW of power, Cologix has established itself as one of the biggest colocation and connectivity providers in Columbus. A diversified fiber ring connects these data centers, guaranteeing strong connection. In addition, the business manages an interconnection ecosystem that includes over 50 distinct network and cloud service providers, public cloud onramps to Google Cloud Interconnect and Amazon Web Services Direct Connect, and the Ohio IX internet exchange. It also runs the most extensive carrier hotel in Ohio within its Columbus facilities. 

Partnership with BT

This month, Cologix also said that it will be introducing additional PoPs across four of its data centers in Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver in partnership with BT, one of the top global suppliers of managed communication and security services. In order to meet the growing needs of AI, IoT, and automation applications, BT will make its next generation of multicloud connection services available to clients at the Cologix data centers.

Available at TOR1, MTL7, VAN1, and VAN2, BT’s new Global Fabric high-capacity, programmable Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), designed for multicloud, will provide pre-integrated access to international cloud products straight from Canada. Point-to-point Ethernet, multi-point Ethernet, MPLS, and a new BT-enhanced Internet service will all be available as options, with capacity increments ranging from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps. There will be replaceable connectivity on a single port, providing flexibility that isn’t available on existing networks.

“Global Fabric is a groundbreaking NaaS designed for large international customers, built from the ground up with strategically located PoPs at the cloud’s edge,” said Colin Bannon, CTO of Business at BT. “Our collaboration with Cologix provides our North American customers with greater flexibility and options in accessing their multicloud services, offering on-demand connectivity that matches the flexibility of the cloud itself.”

Columbus Emerging as a Hub for American Tech Innovation

 As Columbus grows as a center for American technological innovation, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said, “Columbus is honored to welcome Cologix’s expansion. Cologix’s choice to invest here shows how our community can develop talent and offer chances for expansion in the tech industry. One of the top data center operators is growing our team, which excites us.”

“This latest data center is part of a technology boom in Ohio, which has seen data center growth triple since 2011,” said J.P. Nauseef, President and CEO of JobsOhio, in reference to the wider ramifications of Cologix’s investment. Ohio’s businesses and citizens will benefit from Cologix’s increased capacity, security, and scalability as demand for cloud connection and artificial intelligence (AI) grows.

“Due to its geography, strong tax incentives, and diverse economy, Columbus has become an attractive data center market,” said Ed Socia, Insight Director for datacenterHawk in reference to the market’s strategic advantages. “The data center industry in the region is growing at an exceptional average annual rate of 29.42%, and since 2020, the total commissioned power has exceeded 1GW. In this market, operators who can secure a road to power are in a good position.”

Built to handle the growing volume of AI applications, COL4 occupies 256,000 square feet on a seven-acre complex. Businesses looking for high-performance data center solutions can take advantage of its unparalleled connectivity possibilities and full power availability. Among COL4’s salient attributes are:

Capacity – COL4’s three data halls, each with 50MW of power, can handle high-density workloads and the growing need for cloud connectivity.Connectivity – All customers are guaranteed a variety of connectivity options thanks to Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs) access to over 50 distinct network providers.Scalability – For colocation needs of all kinds, the facility provides scalable power solutions that provide efficiency and flexibility to businesses of all kinds. COL4 is built to facilitate AI applications and offers the essential infrastructure for a smooth cloud integration process.Redundancy – Solid network architecture, redundant cooling and power systems, and reduced downtime all work together to provide uninterrupted operation. COL4 is equipped with cutting-edge security mechanisms to ensure that infrastructure and data are protected and that industry requirements are met. A bulletproof security booth, closed-circuit television (CCTV), biometric scanners, badge access, a K-rated perimeter security fence, and onsite security officers around-the-clock are just a few of the security measures.Green Data Center Initiatives – Constructed in accordance with the principles of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), COL4 boasts green roof capabilities, energy-efficient LED lighting with auto-off features, EV charging stations, and renewable energy power options.

The completion of COL4 would demonstrate Cologix’s commitment to providing cutting-edge colocation and connectivity services while upholding environmentally friendly standards. In addition to strengthening Cologix‘s ability to fulfill the ever-increasing needs of technology, this facility serves to further cement Columbus’s position as a key center for data center operations and technical innovation.

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