GlobalNet Strengthens European Network with New Warsaw PoP

DateMay 14, 2024

Dutch Internet backbone provider GlobalNet has expanded its presence into Central Europe by establishing a new network Point of Presence (PoP) in Warsaw, marking a significant stride in its development strategy. This new installation is situated at the Equinix WA1 data center, located at Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79 in the Polish capital.

This move is part of GlobalNet’s broader plan to enhance its network backbone infrastructure across Central Europe. The Warsaw PoP is GlobalNet’s inaugural venture into Poland and follows closely on the heels of another recent network PoP launch in Berlin. This expansion not only broadens GlobalNet’s footprint but also establishes a new critical hub for connectivity in the region, offering services such as IP-Transit and DATAIX via connections that range from 1G to 100G ports.

The strategic placement of the Warsaw PoP is expected to bolster the already robust European backbone of GlobalNet, which extends through major cities including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Berlin. The addition of Warsaw into this network brings new transport options for the region, enhancing the connectivity between Northern, Western, Central, and Eastern Europe.

DATAIX International Peering Network

Alex Surkoff, Business Development Director at GlobalNet, expressed optimism about the company’s expansion in Central Europe. “This is an important step for us as we intend to expand our network throughout Poland and other countries in the region,” said Mr. Surkoff. He emphasized the strong demand for GlobalNet’s services, which prompted the deployment of their 69th PoP, in Warsaw. He noted, “The new connection in Poland’s capital will enable GlobalNet to interconnect various European regions through a single DWDM system.’

The Warsaw network PoP is anticipated to significantly improve the service offerings to both existing and prospective GlobalNet members. It would promise enhanced access to both international and local traffic through the DATAIX international distributed peering network. Mr. Surkoff highlighted that the new network PoP not only strengthens their network but also amplifies their capacity to deliver high-speed Internet access and connectivity with complete channel redundancy across Europe.

DATAIX is an international peering network that facilitates the exchange of traffic between various Internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery networks, and large-scale content producers. Related to GlobalNet, DATAIX provides a platform where GlobalNet can connect its network with other networks to enhance the efficiency and speed of data transmission. This connection is facilitated through GlobalNet’s numerous Points of Presence (PoPs), such as the one recently established in Warsaw.

By using DATAIX, GlobalNet can offer its customers improved access to international and local internet traffic, thereby increasing connectivity reliability and reducing latency. This is especially beneficial for ISPs and content generators who are part of the DATAIX network, allowing them to handle large volumes of data more efficiently across GlobalNet’s extensive DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network.

Further developments are expected as GlobalNet keeps up its rapid expansion, which should improve connectivity and digital service capabilities not only throughout Europe but also into Asia. This would help GlobalNet to stay a significant player in the global tech infrastructure scene.

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