Digital Realty Debuts Liquid-to-Chip Cooling for AI and High-Density Needs

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DateMay 16, 2024

Digital Realty, one of the largest global providers of cloud- and carrier-neutral data centers, colocation, and interconnection solutions, has unveiled the availability of a liquid-to-chip cooling technology, marking a significant enhancement in its high-density deployment capabilities. This development is pivotal as industries increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and data-intensive applications, which demand substantial computational power and cooling efficiency.

“With this cutting-edge liquid-to-chip cooling technology, we’re revolutionizing the digital infrastructure landscape,” said Chris Sharp, CTO at Digital Realty.The innovative liquid-to-chip cooling system, now available across 170 Digital Realty centers worldwide, directly targets the cooling liquid to the chip. This method is particularly suited for supporting high-density configurations that are essential for processing the vast amounts of data required by AI technologies. By integrating direct liquid cooling (DLC), Digital Realty provides a solution that would not only meet the burgeoning demand for AI but also adapts to various customer needs in shared environments close to cloud and AI services.

This technology is an advancement of Digital Realty’s existing high-density colocation offerings and features a mix of mechanical solutions including rear door heat exchangers (RDHx) and DLC. Such configurations facilitate managing power densities from 30 to 150 kilowatts per rack, substantially increasing the potential power densities. This is crucial for businesses aiming to scale up their IT infrastructure swiftly to keep pace with the rapid adoption of AI across private, cloud, and hybrid platforms.

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Chris Sharp, Digital Realty’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), emphasized the transformative aspect of this technology, stating, “With this cutting-edge liquid-to-chip cooling technology, we’re not just setting a new standard for high-density deployment support, we’re revolutionizing the digital infrastructure landscape. This technology allows customers to efficiently scale their operations while pioneering new possibilities within the digital era.”

The collaboration between Digital Realty and tech giants like Lenovo further enhances the capabilities of this cooling technology. Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI for Lenovo ISG, noted, “AI is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of every industry. By working with great partners like Digital Realty, we’re helping enterprises of any size on their AI journeys.” This partnership underscores a shared vision for facilitating robust AI deployments through advanced infrastructure solutions.

Moreover, Digital Realty’s approach aligns with the market trends identified by industry experts. Sean Graham, IDC Research Director for Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends, observed, “Organizations are increasingly investing in generative AI and high-performance computing and need private, high-density environments.” He further commented on the strategic relevance of Digital Realty’s offerings, highlighting how they cater to the growing demand for efficient, high-density solutions that accelerate deployment without the burdens of extensive capital projects.

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