Veeam Unveils Secured Cloud Storage with Veeam Data Cloud Vault

DateJun 4, 2024

Global provider of ransomware recovery and data protection solutions, Veeam Software, has unveiled Veeam Data Cloud Vault, a cloud-based storage solution that lets customers securely store backup data off-site in an encrypted, always-immutable format, adding extra security for sensitive data. 

Enterprises may use Veeam’s new Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solution, which was shown live at VeeamON 2024, to store, manage, and access data without having to develop, deploy, and maintain physical storage infrastructure or cloud storage systems that adhere to zero trust standards.

Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran said, “According to the Veeam Ransomware Trends Report 2024, 85% of organizations that experienced a cyberattack last year are now using cloud storage that offers immutability. The offsite storage of data backups is a fundamental component of any backup plan and is necessary for a quick and seamless recovery in the event of an outage or cyberattack. By offering an increased degree of data security, cyber resilience, compliance adherence, quicker recovery, and prevention against insider threats, New Veeam Data Cloud Vault satisfies this need from businesses. Together, these elements help firms improve their entire security posture without going over budget.”

The primary issues faced by both large and SMB enterprises are cloud pricing models and securely architecting infrastructure, stated Veeam. Veeam Vault offers a pre-configured and fully-managed cloud storage resource on Azure that would remove these headaches for customers.

Organizations can instantly use Veeam Vault to store, manage, and retrieve their data under a monthly subscription model, saving them the trouble of maintaining their own cloud or physical storage infrastructure. Veeam Vault pricing would eliminate the bill shock experienced by businesses that fail to account for all costs associated with cloud backup, as it includes not only the storage component but also the necessary API calls to write to that storage in an immutable format and read and egress data in the event of a recovery.

With the Veeam software interface, users can control the service, set their storage needs, and expand storage requirements with ease as their needs change over time. The cloud storage provider’s disaster recovery capabilities might also be advantageous to users.  

Veeam Data Platform

Veeam Vault was created specifically to provide users of the Veeam Data Platform access to the safe cloud storage required for backups. Veeam Vault may be used to write Veeam Data Platform backups directly to it or to supplement on-premises storage in a 3-2-1-1-0 backup plan by copying and/or tiering. 

Security – Protect data on logically air-gapped, encrypted, and immutable Zero Trust storage from production.

Simplicity – With no setup, maintenance, or integration requirements, you can easily access and use fully managed Azure storage on demand.

Predictability– Flat per TB pricing that fits an organization’s requirements both now and in the future, including API calls, restore, and egress fees, eliminates bill shock.  

“Recovering from any data loss event, especially cyber-attacks, requires absolutely certain data survival with assured data integrity,” said Phil Goodwin, research vice president at IDC. “This data survival and integrity assurance may be obtained by storing data offsite in an air gapped, unchangeable, encrypted vault. Storage as-a-service (STaaS) distribution is used by Veeam Data Cloud Vault to improve Veeam’s cyber recovery capabilities. Veeam Vault can provide users with an intuitive cloud vaulting solution that is completely integrated with Veeam services, all based on the zero trust principles.”

Veeam will keep releasing additional features until 2024 as the demand for Veeam Vault grows. These competencies would help organizations: 

Create greater efficiencies by tightly integrating Veeam Vault with the single UI of Veeam Data Platform to centrally manage and monitor all aspects of the serviceFurther optimize costs with the addition of colder and archive-class object storage tiers, especially for older and/or secondary backups where slower restore performance is an acceptable trade-off for lower cost long-term retention

Storage, write/read APIs, and egress are all included in the new Veeam Data Cloud Vault, which is now offered via Azure Marketplace for a flat monthly charge per TB, depending on location.

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