Telehouse America’s NYIIX Peering Exchange Network Modernized with Nokia

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DateJun 7, 2024

Nokia has been chosen by Telehouse America to modernize its NYIIX Peering Exchange production network across eight points of presence (POPs) in the Northeastern United States. The deployment of Nokia‘s IP and optical interconnection solution will enable NYIIX to offer up to 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interconnection services through the newly designed NYIIX Astron peering platform.

These services would cater to over-the-top (OTT) providers, content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud service providers (CSPs), online gaming, the education sector, and various global enterprises, including financial services and media companies. The deployment will begin in November 2024, targeting the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

As one of the largest neutral Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) globally, NYIIX‘s mission is to deliver a neutral and scalable peering infrastructure, ensuring reliable and stable internet connectivity. To sustain its quality and prepare for future growth, Telehouse America sought a network upgrade to meet the unpredictable demands of major events, such as large international sports matches.

Nokia’s robust portfolio for data center networking includes Data Center Fabric solutions and a wide array of products such as Interconnect routers, edge and core routers, and data center switching platforms. For Telehouse America, Nokia has deployed a comprehensive solution that includes the Service Router Operating Systems (SR OS), 7750 Service Routers, 7250 Interconnect Routers, and QSFP-DD 400G coherent optics. Additionally, Nokia will provide professional services, including network operator training and certification.

NYIIX Astron Architecture

Telehouse, established in 1989, is a global provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centers, serving over 3,000 customers, including carriers, content providers, enterprises, and financial services companies. Telehouse America, its U.S. operation, has been a pioneer in the US data center industry, operating top-tier data center and colocation facilities in New York for over 35 years, offering direct access to major carriers with a 99.999% SLA uptime.

Akio Sugeno, VP of Internet Engineering and Business Development at Telehouse America, emphasized Nokia’s comprehensive and scalable solution, which meets current and future networking needs. He highlighted the transition to the NYIIX Astron architecture, based on EVPN technologies, which will allow offering 10, 100, and 400 Gigabit ports for peers. This upgrade is a significant departure from the previous MPLS/VPLS-based architecture, enhancing the speed, reliability, and security of connectivity across NYIIX’s US locations.

Charles Marsh, VP for US Majors/Regionals and Enterprise at Nokia, expressed gratitude for Telehouse America’s confidence in Nokia’s solution. He highlighted Nokia‘s competitive solution portfolio for the data center market, developed through years of expertise in IP router deployment. This collaboration with Telehouse America and NYIIX, a pioneer in the US IXP market, represents a significant opportunity for Nokia to help grow their business.

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