Nokia Unveils Network Exposure Platform for Simplified API Management

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DateJun 11, 2024

Nokia has unveiled its new software solution, the Nokia Network Exposure Platform (NEP), aimed at enhancing and diversifying the availability of APIs for operators and their partners across various sectors. With this project, Nokia aims to position itself as a leader in the application of the GSMA Operator Platform standards, which are widely used by the telecom sector as an operational guide.

The NEP is tailored to integrate with each service provider’s network, supporting a range of APIs including those from Linux Foundation CAMARA and TM Forum Open APIs, along with edge-based APIs.

The NEP is designed to work seamlessly with Nokia’s existing Network as Code platform, enhancing network functionality and connectivity for developers globally. This platform would provide essential infrastructure for the development and monetization of applications by facilitating access to network capabilities and data. 

Scaling the Network API Opportunity

Additionally, the NEP complements the Nokia Network Exposure Function (NEF), which would allow for the creation of simplified API mashups that streamline integration processes with partner and customer channels. For customers already using Nokia NEF, an upgrade path to a combined NEF and NEP solution is available to simplify and enhance their API ecosystem.

“Standardization of APIs and aggregation across telcos will be crucial to scaling the network API opportunity,” said Amy Cameron, Research Director at STL Partners. “Alongside development of their own direct models for API monetization, in order to drive initial developer engagement and adoption of network APIs, telcos must work towards a more federated approach with their peers and technology partners/aggregators. Nokia NEP can help telcos achieve this with tools to organize, control, and secure the way their networks integrate to developer ecosystems and platforms, ensuring choice and flexibility for customers in creating new network exposure use cases.”

“Exposing and simplifying access to 5G and 4G network capabilities for channels connecting developers requires a sustained and collaborative effort by all industry players on a variety of technical fronts,” said Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia. “Nokia NEP is another meaningful part in that work of enabling operators to organize, control, and secure the way their networks integrate into developer ecosystems and platforms; and driving choice and flexibility for creating new use cases and value for the end customers.”

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