New DDoS Mitigation Targets Botnet and Application-Level Attacks

DateJun 8, 2024

Nokia has introduced advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation capabilities within its Defender Mitigation System (7750 DMS-1), targeting botnet and application-level DDoS attacks. This update aims to support communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises in managing the increasing complexity and frequency of DDoS threats.

Over the past two years, DDoS attacks have grown in both volume and sophistication, with many organizations experiencing over 100 attacks daily. In 2023, over 60% of these attacks were botnet-based, challenging traditional defense mechanisms.

To address these evolving threats, Nokia’s 7750 DMS-1 now includes an Advanced Countermeasures Engine (ACE) for stateful inspection of IP packets across layers 4 to 7. This enhancement would allow the system to effectively counter a variety of DDoS attacks with increased agility and cost efficiency. Nokia leverages AI-driven big data analytics through its Deepfield Defender platform, which processes network telemetry and correlates it with the Deepfield Secure Genome data feed to make real-time mitigation decisions.

The 7750 DMS-1’s new features include a global map of DDoS botnets, enhanced DNS server protection, packet validation, and selective geo-IP blocking. These capabilities aim to meet stringent security requirements and improve mitigation efficiency.

Handling Application-Layer Attacks

Grant Lenahan from Appledore Research highlighted the effectiveness of Nokia’s threat identification and FP5-based solutions. He emphasized that the enhanced DDoS countermeasures on the 7750 DMS-1 further strengthen Nokia’s dedicated DDoS mitigation capabilities, particularly in handling application-layer attacks.

Jeff Smith, Vice President of the Deepfield Business Unit at Nokia, noted the exponential rise in DDoS attacks, which now frequently peak at hundreds of Gbps. He described the new advanced countermeasures as setting new standards in DDoS security, providing unprecedented accuracy, speed, and mitigation capabilities. This innovation is essential for protecting infrastructure, services, and customers in the 5G, IoT, and cloud connectivity era.

Nokia’s integrated solution combines advanced IP networking technology with AI-driven analytics, offering a robust defense against modern DDoS threats. This approach would ensure that CSPs and enterprises can maintain secured and efficient network operations amidst increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

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