Meet 192TB Ootbi from VeeamON 2024: The Future of Backup Protection?

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DateJun 3, 2024

Welcome to a special episode of ‘Zero Gravity Live,’ broadcasting directly from VeeamON. Co-hosts Anthony and Matt Price introduced the show from the bustling event floor, celebrating VeeamON’s 10th year. Matt, a seasoned attendee, shared his excitement and recounted his journey from Beam to Object First. The hosts teased an exclusive announcement, setting an anticipatory tone.

The centerpiece of their broadcast was the unveiling of Object First’s latest innovation: the OOPy 192 TB offering. This new storage solution responds to customer feedback, providing a larger, scalable option that integrates seamlessly with previous models. The OOPy 192 TB can create a four-node cluster with up to 768 TB of usable capacity, maintaining the same performance and security standards.

Additionally, they highlighted a significant partnership with Veeam, enabling the integration of multiple OOPy clusters into the Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository. This expansion allows for scalable capacity, potentially reaching multiple petabytes, without sacrificing performance.

Security was another crucial focus. Object First has enhanced its security features in the latest OOPy update, addressing potential vulnerabilities and ensuring ransomware-proof storage solutions. Updates include improvements in NTP service options and the addition of named admins for better management.

Anthony and Matt’s enthusiasm was palpable as they discussed the impact of these innovations. They emphasized the pillars of their products: simplicity, security, and power. The episode concluded with a note on the evolving landscape of data storage and security, underscoring the importance of robust, scalable solutions in today’s digital age.

Stay tuned for more updates from Zero Gravity Live as they continue to bring insights and announcements from VeeamON.

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