KDDI Initiates Talks to Build Asia’s Largest AI Data Center

DateJun 5, 2024

KDDI, a prominent Japanese telecommunications operator, has announced plans to collaborate with Supermicro, Sharp, and Datasection to develop what could be Asia’s largest AI data center. This ambitious project is slated to be constructed on the site of the former Sharp Sakai Plant in Osaka, Japan.

The proposed data center facility aims to house advanced AI computing platforms, including NVIDIA’s GB200 NVL72, addressing the growing demand for intensive data processing capabilities required by modern AI technologies.

The project underscores the technological advancements and the increasing importance of AI infrastructure in supporting expansive data needs. It aims to overcome significant challenges such as procuring cutting-edge computing equipment, developing efficient cooling systems, and ensuring sufficient power supply and space. This AI data center is not only a testament to KDDI’s strategic vision towards 2030 but also highlights its commitment to leveraging network and AI services to drive societal and economic advancements.

Integrating Networks and AI Services

KDDI‘s initiative is part of its broader strategy, dubbed WAKONX (pronounced: wakon-cross), which seeks to integrate networks and AI services tailored to industry-specific needs, promoting a sustainable society and economic rejuvenation within Japan.

By bringing together a consortium of technology leaders, KDDI is positioning itself at the forefront of the AI revolution, promising to catalyze innovation and offer robust AI solutions across various sectors. This development is expected to set a new benchmark in AI infrastructure in Asia, significantly enhancing Japan’s position in the global digital economy.

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