FC Barcelona Partners with HPE for Innovative Espai Barça Fan Experience

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DateJun 11, 2024

FC Barcelona and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have struck a significant technological partnership, announcing HPE as the new Official Edge-to-Cloud Partner for the Espai Barça project until 2028. This collaboration aims to transform the fan experience by integrating cutting-edge HPE technology solutions, including Aruba Networking and GreenLake cloud services, into Barça’s stadium environment.

HPE’s technology would enable advanced real-time analytics, enhanced security, and personalized fan experiences, setting a new benchmark for sports facilities globally.

Espai Barça, FC Barcelona’s ambitious project, involves a major redevelopment of their facilities, including the iconic Spotify Camp Nou, to create a top-tier sports complex in the heart of Barcelona. The partnership will see the implementation of sophisticated infrastructure to support digital interactions and provide a secure, connected environment for visitors. Features like high-speed secure wireless networks and potential future private 5G implementations highlight the forward-thinking approach of this collaboration.

“The partnership with HPE is a step towards creating a digitally connected and secure environment for Espai Barça,” said Juli Guiu, Vice-President of Marketing at FC Barcelona. “Their extensive experience in connectivity and cloud technologies means we will be able to offer our members, fans and supporters personalized experiences, thus significantly improving their interaction with the club on match days at Spotify Camp Nou, as well as in the different activities that will be organized at the future ground.”

Edge-to-Cloud Solutions

HPE’s involvement extends beyond mere sponsorship, aligning with their strategic focus on edge-to-cloud solutions that enhance organizational and operational outcomes across industries. This deal is expected to not only revolutionize the way fans interact with the stadium but also serve as a blueprint for integrating technology in sports venues worldwide. 

The collaboration between these two iconic brands is part of a broader movement towards digital transformation in sports, leveraging technology to enhance fan engagement, optimize team performance, and streamline operations. This partnership would underscore a shared commitment to innovation, with FC Barcelona enhancing its digital capabilities and HPE showcasing its technological expertise in a high-visibility, global setting.

“Technology is integral to the growth and global expansion of sports, as well as to accelerating innovation,” said Alfredo Yepez, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Latin America and Southern Europe, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HPE is delighted to serve as the Official Edge-to-Cloud Partner of one of the world’s leading football clubs to enhance its visitor and fan experience, providing state-of-art technology for Espai Barça and the iconic Spotify Camp Nou.”

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