Eaton Invests in NordicEPOD to Enhance Nordic Data Center Power Solutions

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DateJun 3, 2024

Eaton, a global leader in intelligent power management, has made a substantial strategic investment in NordicEPOD AS, a company that designs and assembles standardized power modules for data centers in the Nordic region. Previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTS Nordics, NordicEPOD specializes in creating power solutions that cater specifically to the needs of data centers.

Tim Darkes, President of Eaton’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region for Corporate and Electrical Sector, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership. “We’re excited about this strategic relationship with CTS Nordics, a high-growth company with a strong reputation in the Nordics data centers market,” said Mr. Darkes. He emphasized that this investment positions Eaton for significant growth, allowing the company to provide critical power products and services to a broader client base and at a more advanced, pre-engineered system level. According to Darkes, power modules are becoming the preferred choice for many data center customers across Europe due to their efficiency and reliability.

Enhancing Its Capabilities and Reach

CTS Nordics would provide a distinct and standardized method for constructing and completing data centers. The company would be well-known for its commitment to innovative data center design and construction. Their methods would emphasize rapid deployment and cost-effectiveness, making them a key player in the Nordic data center market. By partnering with Eaton, CTS Nordics aims to enhance its capabilities and reach, ensuring that its cutting-edge solutions are more widely accessible.

This strategic investment would reflect Eaton’s commitment to expanding its influence and capabilities in the European data center market. As the demand for robust and reliable power solutions grows, Eaton’s collaboration with NordicEPOD and CTS Nordics is poised to deliver significant benefits to data center operators seeking efficient and scalable power management systems. This move would not only strengthen Eaton’s market position but also underscore the increasing importance of advanced power modules in the rapidly evolving data center industry.

By combining Eaton‘s vast power management knowledge with CTS Nordics’ expertise in data center building, the cooperation is expected to spur innovation and development. With this combination, data centers in the Nordic area and beyond might be able to fulfill their expanding demands for better power solutions that are easy to implement and reasonably priced.

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