Dell Technologies Unveils AI, Multicloud, and Edge Innovations

DateJun 8, 2024

Dell Technologies is here to turn your boldest ideas into reality using AI, Multicloud, Edge, and more. In this video, Michael Dell, along with special guests, demonstrates how technology can revolutionize business and the world.

The video highlights Dell Technologies World, where Michael Dell kicks off the conference by emphasizing the integration of AI in their offerings and partnerships. Celebrating 40 years of Dell, he reflects on the company’s impact on technology and society. Key announcements include new AI-focused hardware and collaborations aimed at enhancing enterprise AI solutions. 

Michael Dell discusses AI’s potential to improve efficiencies across various sectors, from healthcare to education, and stresses the importance of responsible AI development. The video features Bill McDermot from ServiceNow, who explains how AI is transforming business workflows. Dr. Sun Wu Wang from Samsung SDS talks about the benefits of on-prem AI solutions for security and efficiency. 

Jensen Huang from Nvidia shares insights on the AI-driven industrial revolution, highlighting AI factories’ role in manufacturing intelligence. Throughout the conference, the recurring theme is advancing human progress through technological innovation and preparing current and future generations to use AI responsibly to tackle global challenges.

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