Arelion Upgrades Kansas City PoP to Support Multi-Terabit Capacity

DateJun 9, 2024

Arelion has upgraded its Point-of-Presence (PoP) at the NOCIX 1530 Swift data center in Kansas City, MO, enhancing its network expansion in North America. This upgrade offers multi-terabit 400G Wave services and diverse low-latency connectivity for the Kansas City tech market, addressing the rising demand for high-capacity transmission services driven by AI technologies and local startups.

The region, known as the ‘Silicon Prairie,’ is witnessing significant tech growth, with major investments from Google and Meta in data centers. Arelion’s expansion would support this growth by providing robust connectivity for businesses seeking access to the burgeoning market.

Art Kazmierczak, Arelion’s Director of Strategic Sales and Network Development, emphasized that the NOCIX 1530 Swift data center’s scalability in power and space meets customer demand for content, cloud, and AI/ML expansion. The investment would enable high-capacity Wave services and diverse connectivity, benefiting businesses in Kansas City and nearby hyperscale campuses.

Network Peering Ecosystem

NOCIX, a service provider in North Kansas City, operates the 1530 Swift data center campus, which offers 20MW of available power and is expanding to 175,000 square feet. The facility specializes in colocation services and hosts one of North America’s largest local peering ecosystems. Aaron Wendel, NOCIX Managing Member, highlighted that Arelion’s expansion enhances Kansas City’s tech ecosystem by providing diverse Tier-1 services that support business growth and innovation.

This network upgrade would also improve access to Arelion‘s top-ranked Internet backbone, AS1299, and a range of connectivity services, including high-speed IP Transit, Wavelengths, Cloud Connect, Global 40G Ethernet Virtual Circuit (VC), and DDoS Mitigation. These services cater to service providers, content providers, and enterprises, ensuring robust and scalable connectivity solutions in the growing Kansas City market.

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