YugabyteDB Bolsters Resilience with New 2.21 Release

DateMay 3, 2024

YugabyteDB, a major player in the distributed PostgreSQL database landscape, has unveiled its YugabyteDB 2.21 release, designed to enhance disaster recovery and resilience for organizations worldwide. This latest version of their database builds on Yugabyte’s xCluster asynchronous replication, bringing innovative disaster recovery orchestration to the forefront of its offering.

The new features are engineered to provide a smoother transition for existing applications migrating to YugabyteDB, reduce risks during software upgrades, and ensure Kubernetes deployments remain resilient and predictable.

The increasing prominence of regulations like DORA in Europe and APPI in Japan would underscore the need for robust disaster recovery and operational resilience across industries. Traditional database systems often require cumbersome third-party solutions to meet compliance demands. By contrast, Yugabyte’s innovative approach would simplify the user experience by integrating disaster recovery capabilities directly into its user interface.

The company’s new xCluster Disaster Recovery (DR) for YugabyteDB Anywhere represents the first time a distributed SQL database has integrated orchestrated DR capabilities into its UI, according to YugabyteDB itself. This advancement would allow businesses to easily move away from the rigid resilience frameworks of legacy systems and adopt a more flexible approach. With a simple click or API command, users can initiate key processes such as setup, failover, switchover, and resynchronization, all designed to maintain system integrity amidst network failures.

“Data resilience is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s digitally driven world with evolving regulatory requirements and frequent cloud outages,” said Karthik Ranganathan, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Yugabyte. “Our disaster recovery orchestration empowers organizations to select optimal design patterns for each workload, enabling them to balance in-region and entire-region protection with performance priorities and compliance requirements.”

Ensuring Data Resilience

YugabyteDB 2.21 introduces further enhancements aimed at ensuring data resilience:

Simplified Disaster Recovery – xCluster DR streamlines the disaster recovery process by introducing advanced orchestration workflows. This makes the entire process from setup to failover more turnkey and reduces operational complexity. Unlike traditional systems, xCluster DR adapts to varying resilience requirements, offering the best mix of performance and protection.Software Upgrade Confidence – New upgrade rollback features provide users with the confidence to deploy upgrades more swiftly. By allowing users to easily revert to previous versions, this functionality fosters a more agile upgrade approach, ensuring critical bug fixes and performance improvements are adopted faster.Read Committed Isolation Support – By providing support for Read Committed isolation, YugabyteDB allows seamless migration from popular databases like PostgreSQL and Oracle with minimal changes. This feature allows organizations to benefit from YugabyteDB’s distributed architecture while minimizing risks associated with single-node systems.Kubernetes Operator Enhancements – The improved YugabyteDB Kubernetes (K8s) Operator, now available on GitHub, supports GitOps workflows for infrastructure-as-code, ideal for organizations seeking resilience in their K8s environments. It offers consistent deployments and can automatically address transient issues through advanced change tracking.CommVault Integration – For advanced backup needs, YugabyteDB integrates with CommVault Cloud, offering granular backup and restore capabilities directly through CommVault’s console. This integration provides comprehensive data protection across various deployment levels, including clusters, databases, and keyspaces.

YugabyteDB 2.21 is available as a preview release, with the production version of YugabyteDB 2.20.2 also featuring xCluster DR as an Early Access feature. Read Committed Isolation is already generally available, and Upgrade Rollbacks are expected to be included in YugabyteDB 2.20.3.

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