Virtuozzo Live Demo – an Alternative to OpenStack VMware for CSPs

DateMay 22, 2024

This Virtuozzo webinar offers a comprehensive overview of Virtuozzo’s VMware alternative for cloud service providers, highlighting Virtuozzo’s OpenStack-based platform. The webinar was presented by two key figures from Virtuozzo: the Director of the Sales Engineering Team and a senior colleague, Alise. Their primary focus was on providing insight into Virtuozzo’s alternative to VMware, especially in light of Broadcom’s recent announcements which have created significant disruption in the IT market.

The presenters emphasized that Virtuozzo has been a reliable player in the virtualization and containerization market for over 20 years. They discussed the substantial interest they have received from customers seeking alternatives to VMware, noting that the demand for such alternatives has significantly accelerated.

Virtuozzo’s platform is built on OpenStack, offering true multi-tenancy and service operations. The webinar covered the key features and benefits of Virtuozzo’s platform, including its cost-efficiency, flexibility, and extensive customization options. The platform is designed to support virtualization, Kubernetes, and storage provisioning, all managed through a user-friendly interface. The presenters highlighted that users do not need to be familiar with OpenStack to use Virtuozzo’s platform, thanks to its intuitive design.

A live demo showcased the platform’s capabilities, illustrating how easy it is to create and manage virtual machines (VMs), attach volumes, configure networks, and set up load balancers and Kubernetes clusters. The demo also highlighted the platform’s multi-tenancy feature, allowing for the creation of isolated virtual data centers for different users or business units.

The webinar addressed the challenges of migrating from VMware to Virtuozzo, including concerns about complexity, time consumption, and the need for specialized skills. Virtuozzo offers a hyper-converged architecture with automated installation processes and zero-downtime updates, ensuring continuous operation.

Virtuozzo’s platform supports a range of use cases, from enterprise applications to cloud service providers. It integrates essential services such as software-defined networking and storage, along with robust security features. The platform also includes advanced features like auto-scaling for Kubernetes clusters and detailed monitoring tools.

The presenters reassured attendees that Virtuozzo provides extensive support for migration, offering Professional Services to assist with every step of the transition. This includes Discovery and Analysis, Destination Planning, Proof of Concept, and full migration services. Virtuozzo also provides comprehensive training and education resources to ensure users can fully leverage the platform.

In conclusion, the Virtuozzo webinar presented a compelling case for its OpenStack-based platform as a viable alternative to VMware. With a strong focus on ease of use, cost efficiency, and comprehensive support services, Virtuozzo aims to help cloud providers and enterprises transition smoothly and effectively to a more flexible and powerful infrastructure solution.

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