Tesh Durvasula

DateMay 29, 2024

Tesh Durvasula has been named CEO of edge data center provider AtlasEdge, a pan-European company. His start date at AtlasEdge is June 2024. AtlasEdge is a top European Edge data center platform that operates in twelve different nations.

Tesh Durvasula is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise in development, financing, sales, marketing, and real estate in the data center and digital infrastructure sectors. Prior to this, he held a variety of leadership and value-creation positions, the most recent of which was CEO of Africa Data Centers. He worked with CyrusOne for almost ten years, rising to the position of President and CEO.

The company’s current CEO, Giuliano Di Vitantonio, has been named Board Chairman. On July 1st, 2024, he will take on the new position and continue to provide advice about the company’s development objectives and strategic direction. The newly hired Executive Director, Josh Joshi, will collaborate closely with both of them.

“It gives me great pleasure to join AtlasEdge and guide the business into its next stage of expansion,” said Tesh Durvasula. “This is an excellent moment to invest in edge data center markets because to the increasing demand from customers, and AtlasEdge is well-positioned to keep meeting this need and emerge as the top platform on the continent. I’m eager to get going and am looking forward to collaborating closely with Liberty Global and DigitalBridge, our shareholders, to build on the incredible momentum the sector has seen over the past few years.

“Being the leader of AtlasEdge throughout its initial chapter has been an absolute honor. Since our inception in late 2021, we have amassed a portfolio of data centers spread across 12 nations across the continent, situated in some of the fastest-growing client demand regions,” said Giuliano Di Vitantonio. “It feels appropriate for me to take on the post of Board Chairman at this time, having spent the better part of three years investing my time and energy in founding AtlasEdge. With his background, reputation, and skill set, Tesh is well-positioned to lead the company into the future.”

AtlasEdge was founded in 2021 and is supported by a joint investment from DigitalBridge, a global investment firm focused on digital infrastructure, and Liberty Global, a global leader in converged broadband, video, and mobile communications as well as an active investor in cutting-edge infrastructure, content, and technology ventures.

Its portfolio includes data centers in developing European markets including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Leeds, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Vienna, and Zurich.

AtlasEdge successfully acquired Datacenter One in Germany in February 2023. This acquisition included cutting-edge data centers located in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Leverkusen. The business has started using its proprietary AgileEdge strategy, a novel method of building data centers that combines state-of-the-art architecture with astute supply chain management to enable quick site creation at a constant level of quality for a variety of sizes.

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