Satya Nadella’s Full Keynote Speech at Microsoft Build 2024

DateMay 31, 2024

In his keynote address at Microsoft Build 2024, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared his vision for the future of AI, emphasizing the transformative power of AI in enhancing access to expertise across various fields. Nadella highlighted the evolution from the era of “information at your fingertips” to a new era where AI democratizes access to expertise, benefiting industries from agriculture to education. He showcased how tools like GitHub Copilot significantly reduce time for developers, allowing for greater innovation and efficiency.

Nadella underscored the practical applications of generative AI, from personal assistants to educational tutors, illustrating how AI can revolutionize learning and productivity. He shared inspiring stories of AI’s impact, such as a rural Indian farmer using AI to access government subsidies and developers in Thailand optimizing their work with the latest AI models.

Nadella emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to providing a comprehensive AI infrastructure through Azure, with robust support for various AI workloads. He highlighted the advancements in AI accelerators from partners like NVIDIA and AMD, and Microsoft’s own innovations with Azure Maia.

The keynote also introduced new AI-powered tools and platforms, including the Windows Copilot Runtime and GitHub Copilot Extensions, which enhance productivity and simplify AI integration into applications. Nadella announced the availability of advanced AI models like GPT-4o, and partnerships with organizations like Khan Academy to make AI-driven educational tools accessible to all teachers in the U.S.

Nadella concluded by reiterating Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization through technology, celebrating the role of developers in driving AI innovation and creating impactful, accessible solutions that enhance lives and communities globally.

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