O2 Telefónica and Nokia Launch 5G Network on AWS

DateMay 9, 2024

O2 Telefónica Germany has partnered with Nokia to deploy a pioneering 5G standalone core network on Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking a significant step forward in network technology and cloud integration. This collaboration introduces ultra-low latency capabilities crucial for advanced 5G services, such as extended reality and network slicing, which demand instant availability and substantial bandwidth.

The deployment utilizes Nokia’s secured and cloud-native 5G core architecture, which includes a robust packet core that would enhance the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of O2 Telefónica’s network.

This move represents a shift away from traditional network architectures towards a “modern, efficient, and performance-oO2 Telefónicariented approach.” By leveraging Nokia’s expertise and AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure, O2 Telefónica claims to be setting new standards in network deployment and management.

Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer at O2 Telefónica, emphasized the transformative nature of this deployment. “We are building our network of the future. The launch of our new cloud-based 5G core network marks a pioneering step in Europe and a significant advancement in our transformation process. This new setup allows us to move away from traditional architectures and focus on cutting-edge, efficient network technologies.

Full Automation and Scalable Elasticity

Nokia’s 5G standalone approach facilitates the migration of existing communication service providers (CSPs) to various cloud platforms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. This flexibility would enable CSPs to deploy applications and services on their preferred infrastructure effortlessly.

Fabio Cerone, General Manager of Telecom EMEA at AWS, highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration. “We’re thrilled to be a part of O2 Telefónica’s vision for the network of the future. By integrating Nokia’s 5G Core network on AWS, O2 Telefónica is revolutionizing its operating model through full automation and scalable elasticity. This deployment will enhance the operator’s ability to scale dynamically and allocate 5G network capabilities to meet evolving customer demands and support new applications that will run on the new core.”

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, also expressed his enthusiasm about supporting O2 Telefónica Germany’s transition to AWS. “This deployment, a significant first for an existing communication service provider, boosts network agility and broadens service offerings. It equips Telefónica Germany with all the necessary tools to efficiently manage and maximize the value from its network assets.”

The strategic use of AWS for deploying the 5G core network is expected to offer Telefónica Germany the flexibility to introduce new services quickly and efficiently while maintaining high standards of reliability and customer service. A similar vision for the future of telecommunications, centered on efficiency, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, is reflected in the relationship between O2 Telefónica, Nokia, and AWS.

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