NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC 2024 Keynote: The Best Parts!

DateMay 15, 2024

The video introduces Nvidia’s new technological breakthrough dubbed “Blackwell,” which is a platform, not just a GPU. It features an advanced GPU called Hopper, which has significantly influenced GPU designs by enabling two dies to function seamlessly as a single chip, solving issues like memory locality and cache problems. Blackwell consists of two Blackwell chips and integrates with the Grace CPU through a super-fast chip-to-chip link, creating a system where components operate cohesively as if they were part of a single unit.

The Blackwell platform promises massive efficiency improvements in data handling and processing, with features like a Transformer engine for dynamically adjusting computational precision and reliability engines to ensure consistent operation even under failure conditions. It also supports secure AI operations by encrypting data at all stages—rest, transit, and computation. Additionally, Blackwell offers a novel decompression technology that aims to enhance data transfer efficiency within complex computing systems.

Nvidia also discusses its partnerships with AWS, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft, intending to incorporate Blackwell technology to improve cloud services, AI capabilities, and data handling across various platforms. The video also touches on the expanded use of AI in industries through Nvidia’s AI Foundry, collaborating with companies like SAP and ServiceNow to create more intelligent and responsive systems using Nvidia’s platforms.

Towards the end, robotics and AI are highlighted, introducing Project Groot, a humanoid robot that uses Nvidia technologies for robust interaction and task execution based on both programmed instructions and real-time learning from its environment.

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