mLogica Partners with Cockroach Labs for Database Modernization

DateMay 31, 2024

To improve and expedite the modernization of mainframes and legacy databases, mLogica, a pioneer in corporate modernization technology, has teamed up with Cockroach Labs, creators of the cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB. Through this agreement, CockroachDB is integrated with mLogica’s GenAI-powered automation solutions, enabling quicker and more effective migrations to a contemporary database environment.

This modern database technology is compatible with PostgreSQL on a variety of platforms, including on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud.

The collaboration leverages mLogica’s extensive experience in database refactoring and modernization, having successfully completed over 1,000 projects and refactored over 300,000 databases. Through “improved security, cost effectiveness, and a quicker time to value,” this partnership would convert enterprise-grade databases and applications so they can run smoothly inside contemporary cloud infrastructures.

The proprietary modernization technology from mLogica includes their STAR*M Distributed Workload Modernization and LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite. 

Thanks to this strategic agreement, businesses can quickly replatform and redesign their Oracle, SQL Server, and mainframe databases to CockroachDB in a matter of months rather than years.

Cloud-Agnostic Database

According to mLogica President and CEO Amit Okhandiar, “mLogica’s automated enterprise modernization software is a critical solution for organizations migrating enterprise, mission critical applications and databases to CockroachDB on modern cloud environments. It accelerates migrations, enhances security, and optimizes costs. We’re happy that top cloud service providers have begun implementing our automated modernization solutions, and we’ve been asked to contribute our technology and knowledge to meet the increasing demand for CockroachDB’s distinctive, highly data-resilient, cloud-agnostic database.”

With the demand for more dynamic data handling increasing, traditional mainframe and monolithic databases would become outdated. CockroachDB addresses these challenges by providing enterprises with a solution capable of handling modern business paces and complexities, ensuring transactional consistency, cloud portability, and multi-region resiliency. This joint effort would  aim to support businesses in reducing operational costs, increasing agility, and attracting a new generation of talent, thereby maintaining competitiveness in the digital age.

Howard Weale, Vice President of Cockroach Labs’ modernization practice, says, “Cockroach Labs and mLogica have witnessed first-hand the ever-changing demands and complexity of today’s businesses, underscoring the stark reality: modernize or risk falling behind. With our collaboration, businesses can easily switch from traditional monolithic databases to CockroachDB without sacrificing robust consistency, resilience, SQL knowledge, or feature parity, which includes support for stored procedures, read-committed isolation, cursors, and more. Businesses may support their dynamic company over the next ten years using CockroachDB’s cloud-native distributed platform.”

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