Microsoft to Launch AI Chips with AMD, Competing with NVIDIA

DateMay 17, 2024

Microsoft intends to provide its cloud computing clients with a platform consisting of artificial intelligence (AI) chips manufactured by AMD, according to Reuters. These chips will compete with components manufactured by NVIDIA. Specifics about this plan are expected to be disclosed during the Build developer conference that will take place next week. 

In addition, Microsoft will provide a sneak peek of their brand-new Cobalt 100 custom CPUs and debut them during the conference.

Public cloud provider Azure will be used by Microsoft to sell clusters of the flagship MI300X AI processors manufactured by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). NVIDIA’s H100 series of strong graphics processing units (GPUs) dominates the data center chip market for artificial intelligence (AI), but they may be difficult to get owing to high demand. They will provide their clients with an alternative to these very powerful GPUs.

Due to the fact that the data and computation will not fit on a single processor, businesses often need to tie together, or cluster, numerous graphics processing units (GPUs) in order to develop artificial intelligence models or execute applications. 

AMD Expects $4 Bn AI Sales in 2024

 This year, AMD anticipates generating $4 billion in sales from artificial intelligence processors. The company has said that the chips are strong enough to train and operate massive AI models. 

 Microsoft’s cloud computing branch offers access to its own in-house artificial intelligence processors, which are known as Maia. These chips are in addition to the top-of-the-line AI chips offered by Nvidia. 

Read the full article by Reuters.

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