Meet the Founders of Hosting Provider InMotion Hosting

DateMay 22, 2024

The video features Todd Robinson and Sunil Saxena, the original founders of InMotion Hosting. Todd Robinson reflects on the journey of InMotion Hosting, which started around 2001. Over the past 21-22 years, he has worked in nearly every role within the company, including development, programming, front-end website work, support, and sales. His current focus is on training, introducing new products, and overseeing strategic developments.

Sunil Saxena shares his perspective as a co-founder who has been with the company for over two decades. InMotion Hosting began in a small office in Los Angeles, California, and has since expanded to Virginia Beach and Denver, Colorado. Saxena emphasizes that their primary goal from the beginning was to provide the best customer service experience possible. Whether through phone calls, live chats, or emails, their aim was to ensure every customer felt prioritized and valued.

The founders discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a shift to remote work. This transition highlighted their ability to operate successfully from home and brought about improved work-life balance for their employees. The flexible work schedule allowed team members to manage their professional duties while addressing personal and family needs.

Persistence and adaptability have been key to InMotion Hosting’s success. The company continually evolves by introducing new products and systems to meet customer demands. This approach has enabled them to grow and adapt to the changing technological landscape.

InMotion Hosting’s founders also reflect on the broader impact of their company. Beyond business success, they take pride in fostering a culture of happiness, unity, and professional growth. The evolution of their employees, both in terms of skills and career progression, is a source of motivation and satisfaction for the founders. 

Overall, InMotion Hosting is committed to innovation, exceptional customer service, and creating a supportive environment for both customers and employees.

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