Intel Vision 2024 Keynote by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and special guests (Replay)

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DateMay 17, 2024

The video features a corporate event for Intel, specifically Intel Vision 2024, where Intel’s advancements in AI and semiconductor technologies are discussed.

The event kicks off with an announcement about forward-looking statements and the risks associated with them. It transitions to a presentation by Intel executives who discuss the transformative impacts of Intel’s AI and semiconductor innovations on various industries, including energy, retail, FinTech, and manufacturing, highlighting significant scaling in manufacturing outputs and improvements in various sectors due to Intel’s technology.

Chief Commercial Officer Christophe Schell discusses Intel’s AI initiatives, highlighting their focus on AI applications across PCs, the edge, data centers, and the cloud to better serve customer needs. He introduces Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, who details the significant investments in manufacturing in Arizona, related to the signing of the CHIPS Act, and outlines Intel’s vision for AI, touching on the substantial economic opportunities it presents.

Gelsinger further explores Intel’s product developments, including advancements in AI through new Xeon processors and AI-optimized infrastructure, emphasizing the power efficiency and performance enhancements offered by these new technologies. A significant part of the presentation is dedicated to demonstrating Intel’s AI capabilities, including the use of Gaudi accelerators and the introduction of new AI networking solutions.

The video also includes discussions with industry partners and customers who are implementing Intel’s AI solutions in their operations, showcasing real-world applications and benefits. The event concludes with the societal impacts of AI, discussing its integration into educational systems and enterprise solutions, with a focus on security, privacy, and the efficiency of AI applications in business operations.

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