Inside the High-Tech Operations of an NFL Stadium Data Center

DateMay 27, 2024

The video offers an in-depth exploration of Levi’s Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers, from a technological and operational perspective, revealing the stadium’s sophisticated IT infrastructure. Presented by John Madison, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortinet, the video begins by highlighting how the stadium functions similarly to a data center, equipped with extensive hardware such as Intel Xeon servers, network switches, and an elaborate fiber optic network. These elements are crucial for managing both the fan experience and business operations during games.

The video features a detailed tour of the stadium’s internal IT installations, showcasing areas not typically accessible to the public, such as the internal data center within the 49ers’ corporate offices. This data center supports a variety of applications ranging from surveillance to enterprise solutions for digital signage and in-game broadcasting. Impressively, the data center not only caters to fan interactions but also manages business operations for the 49ers and other vendors.

A significant highlight of the tour is the “Executive Huddle” – a room where real-time analytics on stadium operations are monitored, including ticket admissions, parking, concessions, and merchandise sales. This room exemplifies how data and analytics are leveraged to enhance operational efficiency and improve the overall fan experience. Another notable section covered is the press area, which underscores the critical need for robust IT infrastructure to support media professionals with high-quality networking and services during games.

Throughout the video, Madison emphasizes the meticulous planning and substantial IT framework that support the myriad aspects of running a major NFL game, likening the operation of the stadium on a game day to managing a small city. The video delves into the behind-the-scenes technological efforts that contribute to the game day experience, illustrating the complex coordination required to ensure smooth operations.

The collaboration between Intel and the 49ers, which facilitated this tour, is acknowledged, providing viewers with a deeper appreciation of the technological endeavors involved. Madison describes the stadium’s internal data center, which houses crucial applications for stadium operations and security. The center supports various enterprise applications, including network security, Wi-Fi controllers, and remote employee desktops, underscoring the multifunctional role of the IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, the video explores the extensive networking capabilities within the stadium, including large fiber patch panels and numerous hardwired phones, ensuring robust communication and connectivity throughout the venue. The IT infrastructure supports not only the fan experience but also the operational needs of vendors, press, and other stakeholders.

Madison’s tour highlights the extensive preparations and sophisticated IT infrastructure that enable Levi’s Stadium to function efficiently. The video concludes with a nod to Intel’s sponsorship and the 49ers’ cooperation in providing access to these behind-the-scenes areas. Viewers are invited to like, share, and subscribe for more insights into the technological marvels behind major sporting venues.

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